10 Current Environmental Issues to Add Some Weightage to Your Essay Writing!

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Various problems are disturbing & impacting the environment badly, which you must add to your essay writing task. But you should choose & mention the most major ones always.

If you want to know the current major environmental problems impacting life badly, here are the 10 major issues listed. You can insert them into your essay & impress your mentors.

10 Brutal Environmental Issues That You Must Write About in Your Essay!

  1. Pollution

The biggest enemy of our environment is pollution, whether you take the water, air, or soil. For many years, factors, such as industrial waste or toxic gases, have been polluting our air & water, which directly affects the earth to infertility.

  1. Acid rain

Another significant issue is the acid rain caused by the nitrogen oxide & sulfur dioxide pollutants present in the air. There are various negative consequences of acid rain on the livings of diverse wildlife, aquatic and humans.

  1. Deforestation

The construction of commercial, residential, and industrial spaces is the principal cause of tree loss as they are removing forests. It results in less oxygen which affects both the temperature & rain.

  1. Global warming

Human activities cause emission in greenhouse gasses that in return affect the human. As an effect, the earth bears the rising sea levels, melting of polar ice caps, flash floods, and desertification which impacts humans very poorly.

  1. Overpopulation

The global population is increasing day by day, which results in a shortage of food, water, and fuel for the survival of humans. To produce more resources, everyone is applying chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides, which are more harmful than others.

  1. Waste disposal

Due to increment in nuclear, plastic, and electronic wastage, and dumping in the oceans is affecting the environment very badly. Every year thousands of people die due to floods.

  1. Ocean acidification

The increment in carbon dioxide produced by humans is affecting marine life.

  1. Loss of biodiversity

Human activities are causing an imbalance in natural processes and posing threats to the ecosystems. Many species & habitats have extinct & many have the possibility to extinct soon from the earth. Affected pollination, coral reef destruction, and many more are the beginning of it.

  1. Public health issues

The public is affecting due to various diseases as they didn’t find themselves able to get clean water & air. These pollutants present cause serious illness related to the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

  1. Ozone layer depletion

The earth is protected from a sheet called the ozone layer, which protects it from harmful UV rays. But the chlorofluorocarbons gas is producing such pollutants that are creating a hole in the layer. It can show the worst effect at the end.

Above are the various environmental issues that are currently trending all over the world. Hope, you will find these points helpful to add to your environmental essay writing task.