10 Disadvantages of spending excessive time on the internet

These are the ten proven reasons why excessive use of the internet can harm you anytime!

1-Internet steals your time

Although the internet gives lots of benefits to you in multiple ways, however, excessive and unwanted use may waste a couple of hours of your day.

Without letting you know; the internet is consuming around 1/4 of your day on useless stuff.

Usually, watching online videos, chatting, and scrolling over social media applications are responsible for wasting most of our time of the day.

2-Depression, loneliness, and social isolation

Even after having thousands of friends on Facebook, tens of love react on Instagram; you are still alone, depressed, and socially isolated.

Although social sites are useful to make unlimited connections, they are silently disconnecting you from real-life friends and family members.

The internet is not real; it is a virtual world where you cannot interact with people as you can in real life.

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3-Internet changes your stereotype

The Internet is no less than a planet, it has billions of people, and people share lots of information according to their perspective.

The information you see on the internet could lead to change your perspective.

All because anything that is posted there does not pass through any verification or authentication.

As a result, you can easily trap that false information and trap your mind into negative thinking.

4-You become jealous

When you are sad, and you see others happy life on the internet, you simply become victimized by jealousy.

Throughout the day, you see photos of people enjoying their life, they’ve bought a new car, they’re on vacations to a beautiful city, and so forth.

And that’s not a typical thing because, by looking into others’ life, you become un-thankful and start comparing your life with others.

5-You may stuck in porn addiction

Everywhere you go on the internet, there could be some explicit content that can easily catch your attention.

Mainly, porn addiction is one of the most significant disadvantages of the internet.

Pornographic addiction can cause severe issues to your physical and psychological health, which may not get easily treated.

6-Affect your Eyesight

Using digital devices too much can affect your vision health.

That is, you can suffer from several eye-related problems like:

  • Eyestrain
  • Blurred vision
  • Dry eyes
  • Eye redness

And other bad results on your eye health!

7-Affects focus and patience

Social networking apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat have a strong gratification effect on us.

There are lots of entertaining features there whose addiction can affect your focus from the other works.

Stories, memes, messaging, and other social media features can steal your focus from your daily life activities.

8-Health issues & Obesity

Surfing the internet too much, watching online videos, playing games, and spending frequent time on the computer can lead to obesity and an unstable lifestyle.

That’s all happening because when you are sitting at a place for a couple of hours, your body is not making the required amount of movements, and you end up feeling pain, stiffness, and abnormal feelings in your body parts.

Further, a person who spends too much time on computer, laptops, and smartphones can face problems like:

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

It is a condition that causes tingling, weakness, or numbness in your wrist.

CTS happens because of pressure on your median nerve, which affects when you hold a computer mouse, smartphone, or any other device for a long time.

Taking a rest from mouse uses can help ease the wrist pain.

Back pain

Working on PC’s for a long time can cause severe back pain.

That’s because, when you are sitting for a long time, you are not moving your body for a reasonable time and making your back hurt.

Taking a rest and doing some basic exercises can help you get rid of the back pain.


Internet users usually experience severe headaches throughout the day.

That happens when you continuously stare at the computer screens, which emits blue light.

Don’t excessively stare at the computers; take some breaks to avoid the headache.


It’s a subdomain of motion-sickness in which a person feels nausea, dizziness, fatigue, and other abnormal condition while frequently staring at the digital screens.

It is a bit challenging to get rid of Cybersickness; however, taking some precautions like exercise, limit the use of the internet, and a healthy routine can help you get rid of it.

9-Internet is not a safe place for children

After the Covid-19 pandemic, parents had to allow their child anyhow to use the internet for online education freely.

However, in your absence, they can quickly get into the explicit and harmful sites that can cause to distract their mind.

What’s more, the internet is full of abusive, violent, and other harmful content that may put your child into unhealthy activities.

So, monitor your child strictly whenever giving them internet for any particular purpose.

10-Malware, gambling, stolen passwords

Wandering too much on the internet can suffer you into any of the cyber-attack.

When you are surfing the internet, you can mistakenly visit an unsafe website, which may steal your passwords and leave malicious files on the computer.

What’s more, unnecessary use of the internet may also put you in gambling and other bad activities.

The Bottom Line

In these ways, spending excessive time on the internet can put in your harm.

We hope that you are now totally aware of how bad the internet can be for you if you are not using it with rules and regulations.

So, be safe from such side effects of the internet, and use it to better your work and lifestyle.