How to Create Whiteboard Animation: The Ultimate Guide

Do you know what whiteboard animation videos are? If not, this is a method of telling a story using drawings on a whiteboard. The whiteboard animators draw in front of the camera (or so it appears!)

Let us tell you something else now that you’ve heard of them: whiteboard animation videos are a fantastic tool. The possibilities are nearly limitless! Above all, it’s an excellent educational tool because it simplifies a complex message while also making it engaging and entertaining. It also works the other way around, making a dull subject interesting.

A great whiteboard video, on the other hand, must adhere to certain guidelines, so continue reading – we have ten suggestions for making the best whiteboard.

1. Make Use of Storytelling’s Power

Nobody can stand up to a well-told story. We live for stories as humans, and we can’t help but be drawn to them. Use the power of attraction to your advantage, and instead of simply trying to make a sale, tell a story – present your content through storytelling.

Remember that in order for this to work, your story must center on your audience and their problems, not on the features of your product. By focusing the story on your target audience, you will be able to capture their attention and develop empathy.

2. Design Animated Characters

Characters are the glue that holds your story together; they are what give it a sense of continuity. Your characters should be representations of your target audience, your ideal buyer personas so that they can identify with them. Animated characters add a personal touch to your video, making it more engaging and memorable.

3. Stick to What You Know

What distinguishes a traditional whiteboard video? There are three main elements: the white background, the continuous black drawing, and the hand. You’ll be reading about all of this in a moment, but keep in mind that these are the fundamental characteristics of whiteboard animation videos.

This is what gives it a distinct style, and while you are allowed to add some personal touches, you should keep things traditional.

4. Personal Information

Put some color in there! So, yes, we just told you that your whiteboard video should be black and white and that you should stick to the traditional approach. But it’s a good thing to be innovative! But don’t go overboard; this isn’t about making a colorful video; it’s about using small hints of color to highlight important parts of the message you want to deliver.

If you’re going to use a color, make it your brand color. Add it to a few key spots in your video to make your brand stand out.

5. Keep in mind the drawing hand

The idea behind a whiteboard video is that a whiteboard animator is drawing your story in real-time. You can do it the traditional way, or you can use technology and design tools to make it look like it’s being drawn, but one thing remains constant – the drawing hand itself.

6. Make use of emotional references

You are aware that whiteboard animated videos have the ability to convey a complex message in a simple manner. But the thing about simple methods is that they can be anything you want them to be – happy, light, funny, nostalgic, empathetic, and emotional.

Use your audience’s emotions to your advantage. You need to utilize the power of storytelling. This can be accomplished by incorporating elements into the story that harkens back to the “good old days” (such as references to classic movies!) to make your video much more memorable. To generate identification, appeal to your audience’s emotions. 

These references can be strongly found in Scribe Bunny’s videos – one of the most successful whiteboard animation companies in the market. The emotional appeal in their videos is what makes them and their clients stand out.

7. Keep in mind interconnected drawings

A well-executed whiteboard video will always keep your audience interested because they will be wondering what will happen next. Why? Because they are watching how the story is being drawn, how it takes shape, it will maintain the spark of interest in your viewers and create anticipation.

Whiteboard videos, as opposed to individual drawings, imply a continuous and interconnected drawing. Of course, you’ll have to clean the whiteboard from time to time, but try to do so as little as possible because it may break the story into too many pieces, causing you to lose your audience’s attention.

Actually, this is one of the reasons why you should go digital with whiteboard videos – not only will it look much more professional, but it will also allow you to have a canvas as large as you want – so instead of erasing your drawing all the time, all of the drawings will interconnect with each other.

8. Make it educational if possible

This is the recipe for success: drawings, stories, relatable characters, and an interesting subject. Actually, it’s a recipe for good entertainment, and it’s well known that when people are having fun, they learn faster and more deeply. This is why whiteboard videos are so effective as a learning tool.

9. Always read aloud your script

Did you write down what you want to say to your audience? Is your script finished? Read it all aloud.

The script in a whiteboard animated video should sound as if it’s being spoken directly to your viewers. It must sound natural, and reading it aloud will assist you in ensuring that the voice inflection, speed, and emphasis on specific words are as natural as possible.

10. Locate the best whiteboard animated video service available

Last but not least, rule number one is that your content must always be of high quality or your credibility will suffer. For that, you need the best whiteboard animated video service. Anyone in mind? No? Then let us do the job for you. We recommend you connect with Scribe Bunny in this regard as it is the best whiteboard animated video service filled with innovative and experience whiteboard animators.

Let’s Start Drawing

Whiteboard animated videos are an excellent tool. If you haven’t used them yet – and your audience isn’t fully understanding what you’re saying – you should definitely give it a shot! These videos are a very concise and interactive summary of your intended message to your target audience. 

Make sure you get this done by Scribe Bunny as you should not be risking your business with any other vendor. Scribe Bunny will ensure your videos exceed not just yours but your customers’ expectations as well.