10 Tips For Newbies To Get Started Affiliate Marketing

Promoting and selling other people’s products and services online in exchange for an affiliate commission is how the affiliate marketing business model was born.

Affiliate marketing has turned into a multi-billion dollar yearly business model for vendors and affiliate marketers Worldwide.

Vendors and fortune 500 companies are looking for savvy affiliates like you to spread the word about their affiliate products and services in exchange for bringing sales and leads into the door.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes need you the affiliate to increase revenue and you need them to create revenue.

Affiliate marketing is a win, win, for all parties involved.

Here are some tips for newbie affiliate marketers to get started in the World of affiliate marketing.

10 Tips For Newbie Affiliate Marketers To Get Started Affiliate Marketing

  1. your very first step on getting started affiliate marketing is learning the absolute basics, or the bread and butter of affiliate marketing, which is how to create an affiliate hoplink. When someone clicks on your affiliate hoplink it is directly coded to you so they know to pay you the refer you the affiliate the commission this is your very first step and it is the most important step because without your affiliate links, and people clicking on your affiliate links, you will not make any money. You need people to click on your affiliate links and by whatever particular product or service it is that you’re promoting, in order to earn an affiliate commission so your very first step would be to learn how to create affiliate hop links correctly and place them inside a blog or a website, on your social media channels, etc.
  2. Step number two would be to find the top affiliate networks and programs that you can join to find related affiliate offers that you can promote for your business, depending on whatever niche it is that you are in. Clickbank, JVZoo.com, CJ com, Shareasale, and the Amazon associate network are some top affiliate programs that you can join off the top of my head.
  3. Number three pick a niche where there is money to be made and potentially lucrative affiliate products and services to promote related to your niche. For example, if you’re in the health and fitness niche, you may want to join the Clickbank marketplace and find the top-selling affiliate products and services that are directly related to the health and fitness niche whether it be weight loss pills, diet pills, exercise equipment, etc. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for on the Clickbank marketplace.
  4. Step number four when starting an affiliate business for beginners would be to start a website or blog based on whatever niche it is you feel you can create excellent content around for many years to come. Perhaps it could be the health and fitness niche and you can drill down to a sub-niche inside the health and fitness niche. Maybe it’s a gaming niche, maybe it’s gardening, maybe it’s the make money online niche, whatever it is that interests you, and there there is money to be made in that niche and related affiliate products and services to promote inside that niche is what you should be aiming for.
  5. Number five pick a short catchy domain name directly related to your niche, the shorter the better the domain name. Leave out no dashes, no spaces, just typical short domain name .com’s are the top choice followed by .net and .org if they’re not available, there are 1000 other extensions you can use to set up your domain name.
  6. Step number six start creating epic content on your blog based on whatever niche it is that you are in and do your keyword research. I recommend buying a keyword research tool. Like for example, I use a keyword research tool called longtail Pro but there are many more out there where you can find potentially lucrative long-tail keywords to target to go after for blog posts and create content around those keywords to build up your search engine optimization and try to get as much free traffic as possible from the major search engines.
  7. Step number seven is to monetize your blog or website with affiliate products and services related to whatever niche that you are in. I like to look for high ticket affiliate programs, recurring paying affiliate programs, or anything in between where I get paid on a continuous basis for as long as that customer stays a customer. So, to recap look for residual recurring or high ticket affiliate programs in your niche and monetize your blog with those types of affiliate products and services.
  8. Step number eight when starting affiliate marketing for beginners would be to make sure this should be your number one priority when starting a blog or website is to learn list building and email marketing strategies so you can monetize your blog and capture as many visitors and turn them into leads as possible. Because these are the most profitable people you can have inside your business are potential customers that have joined your email list and then you can promote your leads related products and services related to whatever industry or niche that you’re in for your business.
  9. Step number nine when starting an affiliate marketing business for beginners would be to post content as frequently as possible. At the very least post weekly but if it’s feasible to build up your blog, especially in the beginning by posting a new piece of content every day. So, you can casually build your blog and turn it into a long stream, recurring revenue source.
  10. Step number 10 is a double whammy learn search engine optimization and social media marketing. Search Engine Optimization is all about how to get free traffic from the search engines from creating content from your blog, video marketing, etc… So, learn how to do at least basic searches and optimization strategies. Also make sure you post regularly to all your social media accounts to get as much free traffic as possible from social media.

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