10 Youtube SEO Tips For Beginners

Youtube is one of the most popular digital marketing platforms in today’s world. Many people are taking Youtube as their full-time hustle or side hustle. In fact, Youtube has become an attractive career option among young people.

Starting a Youtube channel could be tricky if you are not aware of how it works. If you are thinking about starting your Youtube channel, you need to follow some strategies. In the following, we are covering ten selected SEO tips that every Youtube beginner should follow. Let find out.

  • Find Right Keywords

Just like websites, Youtube videos also need keywords. That’s why finding the right keywords is essential. However, searching for Youtube video’s keywords is similar to the website’s keyword research.

If you are not familiar with keyword research, don’t worry. It’s not rocket science. There is various free and paid keyword researches such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Google Keyword Planner. You have to find keywords that have high search volume and low competition.

  • Find Your Competitor’s Popular Videos

No matter if you are writing an article or creating a Youtube video, you need to check out your competitors. There are many international SEO companies that implement this strategy for Youtube.

Well, what’s with finding competitor’s popular videos? Your competitor has a similar audience to you. Make sure you are finding what content they are sharing to grab the audience’s attention. Also follow what keywords, tags, descriptions they are using.

  • Create Long Videos

People love short videos, but when it comes to Youtube, you should not create too short videos. Long videos are always best for better Youtube SEO and long term success. However, that does not mean you are putting fluffy things on your video. Try to be creative, then you will be able to catch viewer’s attention for growing engagement.

You can create in-house videos or you can outsource them to an explainer video creation company. For business use, it is recommended to avoid Youtube for video hosting and recommended to host videos on ad-free video hosting platforms like StoryXpress for better engagement.

  • Edit Your Videos Strategically 

Editing Youtube videos properly is very essential when you are taking them professionally. Well, you have keywords now. It’s time to strategically implement them on your videos. There are many tools that can help you with editing videos. However, you also have to edit other things related to the videos. Make sure you are doing the research before it.

YouTube Marketing Strategy 2021

  • Create an Eye-catching Thumbnail

When someone is searching for something on Youtube, they can find a lot of videos with different thumbnails. However, people watch those videos that have appealing thumbnails. It can also be helpful for SEO.

You can make thumbnails from various photo editing tools available online. Make sure you are making thumbnails that are related to the topic.

  • Optimize Your Video’s Title, Tags

One of the most essential things about Youtube SEO is optimizing title, tag, and descriptions. Many new YouTubers don’t get success because of not following this strategy.

Make sure you are focusing on keywords while optimizing these things. When you are using tags, make sure you are choosing 5-10 relevant tags. You can pick tags from competitor’s videos. You can get help from an international SEO company.

  • Include Captions

Another most essential thing about Youtube is you have to write caption properly. If you are making videos in some other language than English, then it’s an essential thing.

Including caption will give you scope to grab more audience’s attention. If you are finding it hard to write a caption and optimize it, you can get help from an agency that provides multilingual SEO services on their package.

  • Create Playlist for Videos

Well, you have created and optimized your Youtube videos. It’s time to create a playlist. However, it does not mean you have to put every video on a playlist. Each Youtuber handles this issue in their own way. You can make a series of videos and put them on a playlist.

  • Promote Your Youtube Videos

You have done everything at the initial stage. Now it’s time to promote your videos. When it comes to promoting, people follow different ways. However, asking your friends and family to like, share, and subscribe is not helpful when you are taking it professionally.

You can do paid promotions for your videos. Collaborating is another good way to promote videos. You can get help from someone who provides various services such as multilingual SEO services, social media marketing, and more.

  • Encourage Viewers to Comment

You can’t get long-term success without having an audience. Make sure you are creating engaging videos. Connecting with your viewers is also necessary. Always try to encourage them to comment and answer their questions.


Choosing Youtube as a full-time career or side hustle could be a fantastic option. Although it’s not as easy as ordering pizza. You need to be creative and consistent. Make sure you are following all these tips we have mentioned above. If you want to know something else, you can do your research before starting.