12 Inspiration Ideas For Your Jewelry To Rock Your Cocktail or Sangeet Ceremony


Sangeet or cocktail ceremonies are one of the most special traditions during wedding time. They are all about fun and chilling before the wedding day. This day marks the commencing of the wedding day. You dance from your heart on these occasions. Well, since these functions are a symbol of excitement and love, you need to dress like that. Since the sangeet function is all about ladies, so must be wearing something so extravagant that you become the ceremony’s centerpiece. Apart from your clothing, your jewelry will stand you out from the rest. Jewelry is something that will make you look visibly different from others.

Women are known for their flaunting nature. They love to flaunt their clothes and jewelry. They catch up on every opportunity where they get a chance to show their wardrobe. Women love to wear jewelry, and this is the reason why their affection for jewelry never ends. Indian Bridal Jewellery is a vast guide of options of jewelry for any brides.

During wedding time, you cannot wear the same jewelry on every occasion. There are different pieces of jewelry for different occasions. If you are picking up your jewelry for the wedding day, then don’t forget to choose one for the sangeet occasion. These small occasions only set the standards. You need to wear something catchy so that everyone’s eyes stop at you. So, to do that, here is the list of jewelry that you can wear to rock your cocktail or sangeet ceremony. This article will pinpoint Minimal Bridal Jewelry Ideas jewelry for all your wedding functions.

Jewelry to Rock Your Sangeet and Cocktail Ceremony

This section will cover all the inspiring ideas for your jewelry to rock your cocktail or sangeet ceremony.

Here is the list of jewelry ideas that you can wear on your sangeet or cocktail ceremony.

  • Gota Jhumkas
  • The maang tikka
  • Embroidered bangles
  • Floral Jewellery set
  • Elegant Chaandbalis
  • The neckpiece for all the glam
  • Crystal earrings
  • The choker Swarovski
  • Gold-plated bangles
  • Traditional emeralds
  • The matha Patti
  • The gorgeous Nath

Here is a brief explanation of all the inspiration jewelry ideas.

1. Gota Jhumka


Jhumka has always been a great choice over any outfit. You can add them up with gota tops. If you are wearing a Punjabi suit, then you must buy these gota jhumkas to extend your beauty.

2. The Maangtikka

Image source: Pinterest

The Maang tikka is the traditional jewelry that you wear in a sangeet or cocktail function. You can complete this with tiny beads on the top or with the mirror work. Maangtikka is one of the most loved jewelry in Indian style weddings.

3. Embroidered bangles

There is no better choice than embroidered bangles. They can take your outfit standard to the next level. You can match these bangles with sleeveless blouses and a silk saree. You can also pair them up with a simple bangle in between to increase their presence’s effectiveness.

4. Floral Jewellery set


Well, wearing floral jewelry set in a bold color can brighten up your overall look. You can team your floral jewelry set with a light-colored outfit or by contrasting colors. A jewelry set contains everything from top to bottoms like haath phool, maangtikka, necklace, bangles, and many more. Floral jewelry looks elegant on any skin tone.

5. Elegant Chaandbalis

Cocktail and sangeet night is all about fashion. So, to stop everyone’s eyes on you, team up your outfit with elegant chandbalis. Use these pretty pink drops on a beautiful lehenga on the sangeet night.

6. The neckpiece for all the glam

Neckpieces can uplift your saree or gown by 100X. A ravish, beautiful neckpiece with the same earrings is also the best inspiration for your jewelry to rock your cocktail or sangeet ceremony. A beautiful and elegant neckpiece can attract anyone to you.

7. Crystal earrings

Wearing crystal earrings is an elegant plus a delicate idea. You can pair them up with a saree or with a gown. They will look good on any outfit.

8. The choker Swarovski

To deliver an elegant look to your outfit, pair it up with a beautiful, shiny, and sleek Swarovski bracelet. This is fantastic and one of the most trending ideas nowadays.

9. Gold-plated bangles

Wearing gold during wedding time is one of the trendiest ideas nowadays. Wearing something shiny like gold can attract anyone’s attention. You can pair up your outfit with two gold plated bangles for an elegant and delicate look.

10. Traditional Emeralds

You cannot deny the fact that green and yellow are some of the most attractive colors at any wedding. You can wear a red or yellow lehenga and team this up with green emeralds.


11. The Matha Patti

You cannot dress completely without the matha Patti. You can pair your outfit with the pearl or stone matha Patti for an elegant look.

12. The gorgeous Nath

Image source: https://www.shaadidukaan.com/blog/latest-nath-designs.html

Nath has always been a part of any wedding ceremony. Nath is a very famous jewelry store in north India. It is essential for your bridal jewelry box because you won’t be considered complete without nath.

So, here were some inspiration ideas for your jewelry to rock your cocktail or sangeet ceremony. Tell us your favorite one in the comment section.



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