12 tips for generating B2B leads

Telephone prospecting is the most popular method of generating leads. However, this technique, which has been used for many years, is no longer as efficient as it used to be. Indeed, a prospect already completes 85% of the purchasing journey before making contact with your sales representative. It is therefore essential to intervene upstream in order to attract your potential buyers. So, how do you generate leads to boost the sale of your products and services? Quite simply by using new digital levers that will allow your salespeople to obtain mature leads. To enlighten you, we invite you to discover our 12 tips for generating B2B leads.

Set up a content marketing strategy

In order to generate leads, we recommend that you set up a content marketing strategy that will bring useful information to your target. To do this, do your research by asking yourself the right questions. What needs do your products and services meet? What is your target looking for? What are their needs? You must offer content that interests your target in order to appear as a reference in your field.

Offer part of your expertise free of charge

Offering part of your expertise for free also allows you to generate leads. Indeed, by offering relevant content on a regular basis, you gain visibility, but also credibility. Feel free to share free advice using different mediums. For example, you can create content in the form of articles for your blog, but also offer white papers or videos. It is important to multiply your communication channels to reach your target audience of how to find fresh frozen seafood buyers.

Offer downloadable documents for data

In order to generate mature leads, create content against data. It’s an interesting deal: you collect useful data on prospects while providing them with relevant information in return. It can be a template, a white paper, a guide… To share these documents, all means are good! You can use anchor links on your blog, advertise on your social networks, or send emails to your database.

Distribute your content on your social networks

When you create relevant content, it is essential to share it on your social networks. In 2021, you cannot miss these communication tools. Don’t stop there. Encourage your loved ones, but also your collaborators to publish your content on their own networks. No platform should be neglected, however LinkedIn is to be preferred!

Train your salespeople in social selling

Our fifth tip for generating leads is to train your sales reps in social selling. Social selling is an effective method of finding new customers through social media. Indeed, the latter appear today as a real gold mine for salespeople. Through this, your team can gather relevant information about prospects. Thus, this gives you the possibility of sending personalized mails.

Improve your natural referencing

It is important to work on your natural referencing to generate leads. The goal? Position your website on keywords with high business value. As such, there are tools that allow you to analyze the most used keywords on Google, such as SEMrush or Google Keyword Planner.

Use paid acquisition campaigns

Paid acquisition campaigns are a great way to generate leads. You can:
• Offer you promotion on Google by paying on a cost per click basis (AdWords)
• Prefer to advertise on LinkedIn (LinkedIn Ads)
• Send advertising messages to Internet users who have visited your site in order to maintain their interest (Retargeting)
• Use digital advertising with an image or video (Display)

Improve conversions on your website

Consider working on your call to action (CTA) so that your visitors turn into leads. To increase your conversion rates, you need to place CTAs strategically on your website.

Organize events to gain notoriety

Sometimes you have to go further to make an impression and encourage your prospects to take action. For example, organizing events is a great way to increase your visibility and appeal to your target audience. To do this, you can create classic physical events or prefer webinar type events (web seminars). At the rate of one event per month, your notoriety can quickly skyrocket.

Set up a lead nurturing strategy

In order to convince your target, use the lead nurturing strategy. The goal? Push your potential customers to the act of buying by making them mature. The principle is simple, but the task remains tedious. Indeed, you must create personalized content for each of your targets thanks to the segmentation of your database and a definition of your marketing personas. Therefore, automated scenarios are necessary to lighten the workload of your teams.

Do telephone prospecting from leads already worked on by marketing

Are you wondering how to generate leads by doing telephone prospecting? There is nothing simpler. Instead of reaching out to cold leads, call up mature leads by your marketing team. For example, it is a good idea to call a prospect who has downloaded your guide, who has visited your website several times, or who has a high score in your marketing automation tool.