Wikipedia is no longer available in Pakistan

Wikipedia is blocked in Pakistan over sacrilegious content

Pakistani telecom authorities blocked Wikipedia in Pakistan after the platform refused to remove “sacrilegious” content from its website. A spokesman of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority said that we gave a deadline of 48 hours to Wikipedia for the removal of sacrilegious content from their platform. Still, they failed to remove the content in the given … Read more

Here’s All You Need to Know About Namhya Foods

Namhya Foods

Namhya Foods is an Ayurveda food company based in India. Their main product is a line of packaged spices, which are made from certified organic ingredients. These spices are packaged in glass bottles that are made from recycled glass. Namhya Foods’ top products include Periods Care Tea, Diabetes Care Tea, Liver cleanse Tea, Thyroid care … Read more