25 Incredible Packaging Design Courses Online That You Should Check Out

The packaging of an item allows the product to remain safe and untouched until it’s bought. Now various research highlights that product packaging design greatly influences buying behaviour.

Marketers are using this opportunity as a means to allow their brands to stand out. A product’s packaging can make all of the difference when it’s not only visually appealing but full of aesthetic charm as well. Now, if you’re eager to take up a career as a package designer, then we’ve got some courses you may want to check out.

  1. Introduction to ecological packaging

In this course, you’ll learn how to blend sustainability and creativity to present attractive, ecological packaging. You’ll be introduced to ecodesign, its materials and learn the creative process of package design, from idea to development to presentation of a completed piece.

  1. Package Design II: Step-by-Step Execution

What good is theory without practice? Let this course educate you on the politics of executing your ideas. Package design is a diverse subject, but when you have a skilled teacher to take you through this course, the whole learning opportunity should feel riveting and exciting.

  1. Consumer goods packaging design

This course will touch upon the theoretical basis of packaging design and tells you how to work for retail brands. It’ll start from a real brief and explain how to build an identity that makes the brands stand out on the shelves in front of their competitors.

The course will allow you to discover and define the existing trends in the market.

  1. Create a Food Package Design – A Graphic Design Project for Beginners

Snacks and savouries become more enticing when they’re packaged in attractive graphics that resonate with the consumers. So, this course will focus on the entire layout, concept, and graphic design process of packaging cookies and desserts.

If you’re eager to own a cookie stand or a bakeshop any time soon, you may want to try this course out.

  1. Lettering for Package Design: From Sketch to Label

Lettering artists have some of the greatest lessons to impart in terms of brand identity and making your business shine.

This course not only helps you learn the fundamentals of graphic labels but it provides a scope to take a deep dive into how the business needs and creative processes are combined successfully.

  1. Stationery Creation for Branding Projects

Find out how to create corporate stationery depending on its logo. Discover how to reflect a brand’s visual identity through stationery. Bring innovative branding and graphic design techniques together to create appealing and functional visual communication for a brand.

  1. Product packaging and labels Design in Illustrator & Photoshop

This comprehensive course by Udemy is another amazing option on the list for budding brand designers. This class will help you learn product packaging and labels, exploring the basics of boxes, developing 3D structures, and a lot more.

  1. Digital illustration (collector’s edition)

This course allows you to learn how to approach a complete illustration work based on a collection of albums. You’ll know the tricks and the method of work and simplify and anticipate finding solutions in your future assignments or projects.

  1. Creative Packaging Design

The course focused on how to present original packaging concepts for brands with easily available materials and production techniques.

You’ll be walking through the whole process of designing unique packaging experiences, from assessing a brief and brainstorming ideas to preparing simple dielines and the final artwork.

  1. Package Design I: The Basic Why and How

Classes that cover the basics of anything you’re interested in always sound like a good idea. The more knowledgeable you are about what you want to practice, the easier it will be for you to justify what you want to articulate.

The first class is designed to teach you what it means to think like a professional creative.

  1. Intro to Package Design: Creativity, Print Production, and Hot Sauce

It’s another incredible Skillshare course you can take if you’re interested in package designing. You’ll learn how to set up your artboard, understand the importance of generating ideas before looking at competitors, understand jargon like safety margins, and much more.

  1. Label Design: Make Your Packaging Fizz

This course takes you through the ins and outs of designing labels. If you decide to take this course, you’ll learn how to seamlessly weave together a string of ideas, helping you develop a deeper fondness for package design and all that it comes with.

  1. Package Design Project: Paperboard Food Packaging

Food packaging requires particular attention to labeling, ingredients, and portions. What’s more, package designs have to embody the story of the brand to ensure a product’s target market resonates with it. Learn how this elaborate mix can be managed in this LinkedIn Learning course.

  1. Basics of Packaging Design in Illustrator

Develop a more nuanced understanding of dielines, bleed, live, knockout, trim, overprint, and embossing. Getting acquainted with industry terminology can be overwhelming, but not when the course is created by an industry insider.

  1. Vector Illustration for Stationery

This course emphasizes how to capture your illustrated universe in a composition and then turns it into different stationery stands through a mockup. You’ll learn to create the files for printing, and you’ll receive some valuable tips to market your products and excel in illustration.

  1. Introduction to Invitation Design: From First Brief to Final Print

This course tells you how to design original invitations for any special event. From developing a unique visual style to selecting colors, materials, print processes, typography, and layout, you’ll learn the secrets for taking your designs from an initial brief to a memorable printed work of art.

  1. Learning Package Design

It’s created primarily for beginners to educate about the many components that make up package design. From color and typography to the basic roles of packaging, this LinkedIn offering is perfect for beginners.

  1. Graphic Design for Beginners: Design Realistic Package Mockups in Adobe Photoshop

You don’t have to be a hotshot graphic designer to master the art of designing realistic package mockups. If you’re a budding designer looking to explore this corner in design, this Skillshare course should be an awesome resource to help you in your career.

  1. Illustrator: Package Design

The course is focused on the technicalities of the subject. There are many things you’ll learn from this LinkedIn course, which will include colors, size, language, and legal requirements.

  1. Packaging Design with Personality for Small Brands

Learn how to put together creative packaging using different printing techniques and formats. Create a graphic universe and add personality to it by using the colors, inks, and materials of your choice. This course allows you to present unique, eye-catching packaging designs even within a budget.

  1. Visual handmade identity

You’ll learn how to design and create all the stationery of a fashion brand using artisan resources through this course. From the ideation of the brand personality up until the finished product, this course provides a complete lowdown.

  1. Graphic Design Mastery: The Complete Branding Process

Product packaging is equally a branding concern as it is about storage. This course is one of the most comprehensive classes of its kind. Pick up more than a thing or two about the branding and design process, and immediately walk out of this course with a sharper eye for compositions and layouts.

  1. Packaging Design and 3D Mock-up Using Adobe Illustrator 2020

This is possibly the most all-inclusive class on this list. It comes with 77 video lectures, step-by-step instructions, a practice test, and a ton of other helpful resources; this course is for beginners and intermediate designers.

  1. Learn to design Logos, Business cards, and Product branding

It’s one of the highest-rated courses on Udemy; there’s a variety of things you’ll pick up from this course. A few of the crucial aspects of the course are logo implementation on different mockups, design principles, and designing multiple business cards.

  1. Product Packaging Design And Mockup: Creative Level

The course bio describes, “Packaging design is the connection of form, structure, color, materials, imagery, typography, and regulatory information with ancillary design elements to make a product suitable for marketing.” That’s what you’ll take away from this course.


Get the right start to your career as a package designer with these amazing courses. Witness growth and success as a package designer once you master the different areas of it.

Author bio: Clara Smith is a freelance graphic designer with an impressive portfolio of work. Crosby has received his MS in Graphic design from Federation University. She’s been working in this domain for five years. she’s also an essay writer for Allessaywriter.com.