3 Great Reasons to Book London Airport Transfers During Covid-19


When you book London airport transfers service before you reach London, you are actually treating yourself with a comfortable and smooth journey. You will receive by a professional chauffeur at the airport, holding a name sign, assist you with the baggage, and drops you at your mentioned location.

When you sit in a modern and well-maintained car, you get to enjoy the facilities of free Wifi, sumptuous interior, comfortable seats and spacious legroom. Even if your flight gets delayed or arrive early, you will find your driver waiting for you whenever the plane lands. There are no extra charges and no shocking surprises.

3 Reasons To Book Airport Transfers

Great value for money

The first question that arises in mind is whether can I afford the airport transfer services? Using public transport can save you a small amount of money; however, this can only happen if you are a single traveller. This condition does not apply when you are travelling in a group. On the other hand, taxi services are priced by vehicle and not be passengers. So a family or a group often find airport transfer cheap and within the budget requirements.

Moreover, the pick-up timings are tailored to meet your needs and comfort and arrive exactly where you need them to be. So give it a thought, do you really need to face the hassles of public transportation when you travel? Will it make your trip comfortable and pleasurable one?

You Get Peace Of Mind

In several scenarios, it requires you to book in advance. One major reason airport transfers are so reasonable is that you can plan ahead and have the cars and drivers at a place you want them to be. You can also book the services on an emergency basis apart from booking them in advance. Remember, if you cancel the trip at last moment you won’t get your refunds back. You need to give 24 hours prior notice.

Also, you get to know the total cost prior to your journey, and this surely helps you put your mind at ease. The drivers are experienced and licensed. They have a friendly demeanour and are helpful.

London Airport Transfers

Flexible Services

Most of the times there are some passengers whose travelling situation is unusual. They need flexibility in the services which they won’t find in public transport. It has a set schedule, and they follow it strictly. On the other hand, airport transfers are adaptable to your needs. They will transfer your pets in cages, provide child seats for younger ones etc. They handle all the transport needs efficiently.

What To Do When Travelling During Covid-19?

When you are travelling to London, you need to understand all the public health requirements of that place. When it comes to corona measure, British Transfers took corona measures strictly to protect our customers, and the drivers also take an active part in minimising the risk of Covid-19 infection.

British Transfers service suggests its customers who book their service and private taxi to wear a face mask. If you have not worn a face mask, then the driver will ask you to wear it first before sitting in the car.

For safe travel, please follow the next safety guidelines, as mentioned below:

1. Use a protective covering that covers your mouth and nose

2. Use hand sanitiser frequently

3. Wash your hand before and after the ride

4. Maintain a physical distance

So, if you need reliable airport transfer service who follow Covid-19 measures strictly and endeavours to provide a safe journey, British Transfers is the best. They take customer requirements seriously and try to meet them all. The prices they offer are affordable and are within the budget requirements.

Source : https://british-transfers.co.uk/

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