3 reasons to Buy Online Power tools in Dubai

Only products whose performance is (much) more important than that of other manufacturers in terms of quality can enter this product line. At what point ? 2x, 20x or even 50x? You can find out on the new packaging. Did you know that 65% of people use the wrong accessory for their job? It is Our mission to change that. They achieve this thanks to clear communication, clear packaging and an optimized product line, with only products suitable for experts! To Buy Online Power tools in Dubai Visit Varskart.com.

Reason 1: an extremely long lifespan

EXPERT accessories have a lifespan of up to 100x longer. What does this mean to professionals?

Thanks to the use of carbide in the teeth of jigsaw and saber saw blades, or on the chuck of our drills, they last up to 100 times longer. Of course, we tested this in practice.

Did you know that carbide is already used in over 600 different accessories? All of these items therefore last up to 100 times that of an ordinary saw blade or drill.

Reason 2: speed and precision

Speed ​​and precision, can we get both? Yes, with intelligent innovations from Bosch you work faster and more precisely since the job becomes easier and you need to apply less force. Take, for example, a hole saw with the Powerchange adapter. When you’re done drilling, all you need to do is push the remaining material out of your hole saw and place a different diameter bit in one go.

Another example where speed and precision go hand in hand is with jigsaw blades. Bosch extra-clear blades feature special toothing that gives you a clean cut on the top and bottom of the workpiece. It is therefore no longer necessary to hold the machine upside down to keep an eye on the end result while sawing. This makes sawing easier and you will get a good end result faster.

Reason 3: safety and dust-free work

If you do regular work, you know the importance of health and safety in the workplace. The benefits of a vibration-free handle or dust-free sanding pad are impressive. Huge amounts of dust are released especially during preparatory sanding work. Most sanding pads have a few holes for dust to be sucked in, but Bosch’s have a fully open structure that can suck up to 5 times as much dust. In addition, dust is no longer trapped in the pad, making it much longer than the regular sanding pad.