3 Vietnamese dishes you should know!

Vietnamese food is impeccable, unique, and unforgettable. Spread across high-end eateries and road-side sellers, Vietnamese food tastes hot, sweet, salty, and sour. These sweet, sour, and salty flavors are accomplished using cane sugar, nuoc mam, chili peppers, and tamarind. The unique and impeccable taste of Vietnamese foods is due to the addition of fresh herbs and spices to the dish. From Vietnamese chicken pho recipe to iced coffee, every Vietnamese dish is worth trying.

Vietnamese cooking is probably the most delectable on the whole of Southeast Asia. There’s no need to think about what the best food to eat in Vietnam is – we have it covered. Here are the three dishes you must try experimenting with.

  1. Vietnamese chicken pho recipe

Being originated in Northern Vietnam, Pho is today the national dish of Vietnam. The Vietnamese chicken pho recipe is the best poultry alternatives to the well-known dish Pho Bo (Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup).

The Vietnamese chicken pho recipe includes rice noodles in a generous and fragrant broth produced from chicken stock, which is then finished off with meat, and garnished with herbs and fresh spices. As you travel from Hanoi (Northern Vietnam) to Minh city (Southern Vietnam), you get to try lots of varieties of Vietnamese chicken pho.

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  1. Com tam

One of the best Vietnamese street foods is the Com tam, also referred to as broken rice. This quick and easy dish is almost elite to Ho Chi Minh City of Southern Vietnam. Comprised of smaller pieces of rice, Com tam was generally an extra-style snack. Gradually, Vietnamese honed the Com tam dish into a famous street food snack of Ho Chi Minh City.

Com tam can be served with a fried egg, fish, or shredded/steamed/grilled pork. Sprinkling spring onion and fresh herbs over it along with a few drops of lime juice gives a perfect finishing to the dish.

  1. Vietnamese coffee

Vietnamese coffee (iced coffee) is highly popular in Vietnam. It is found in almost every café and street-side shop of Vietnam. Likewise called ‘Ca Phe Sua’, this strong coffee is prepared by mixing freshly brewed coffee with lots of ice and condensed milk. This strongly prepared concentrate is velvety, rich, smooth in surface, and has a striking flavor. It can likewise be supplemented with rich frozen yogurt and delighted in!


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