Modern Home Decor in 2021

Every person seeks comfort, and these days comfort is the most important home decor trend we need at the moment. This coronavirus pandemic has affected everything, every industry, every business. And Home Decor industry is no exception. Since everyone is at home during this lockdown, they are moving around their houses, thinking to change it. They are forced to rethink their home design to adjust to this new lifestyle.

Here we have compiled a list of home decor ideas that are all about creating a home space that is comfortable, stylish, functional, and the most important thing, it reflects your style.

  • Let The Lights Shine On You

Designer Michelle Martel says that in 2021 as much natural light as possible will be brought into your home, particularly during the winter period, so open your windows and put heavy ribbons away. Hang some shades or pure curtains, or just keep your windows uncluttered for sunshine. This is a quick and easy approach to make your room look more pleasant and bring some shine in.

Natural light has so many advantages, including an increase in serotonin. And because we don’t so often wake up with social distance, it was never more vital to fill your home with sunlight.


In 2020 Shades of Blue were names the color of the year, and according to Vikki Long, interior designer, Blue Colors are here to stay for long. But you have to be careful with what shade you since some of them can make you feel depressed. It is recommended to use splashes of bright colors, such as yellow or gold tones. Blue, for many, is a soothing color. Painting some walls of your home blue will turn it into a relaxation room. Long says, since you spend more time in your homes now, it is necessary to have room to relax in.


Japanese style combines elegant lines and neutral color palettes with Scandinavian simplicity. In comparison with October 2018 to September 2019, Pinterest’s search for ‘Japanadi’ increased by 100% from October 2019 to September 2020. During the same time, there has been a five-times increase in the search for a ‘wooden bed design modern’ and three times more ‘neutral color palette earth tones.’

After the turbulent year, it sounds like the trend we need for 2021 that our homes need to be turned into peaceful earth-filled sanctuaries.



You need to add light colors throughout if you want your house to feel bigger. You should utilize dark hues if you want to have the place feeling quaint, comfortable, or intimate. The same applies to floors. In general, light wood floors make a property more luminous, ultimately making it feel larger than it is. Dark wood floors tend to make an even smaller area feel. It is also crucial to note that people are more likely to be drawn to a property that feels roomy if you ever decide to sell your property.


Neon lights have been there for very long, but this generation is bringing it all back but with a modern look. In this era, customized neon word art and neon-hued LED lights are more trendy. According to several pieces of research, searches for “neon room” on Pinterest are eight-time mores than ever.

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