4 Top Reasons Why Shifting to Evaporative Cooling is Better

When energy efficiency is becoming a critical factor to consider before running any appliance, the concept of evaporative cooling can bring about a sigh of relief among the end-users. Contrary to the conventional air conditioning system, the evaporative form of cooling is all set to provide the most eco-friendly and sustainable cooling process, especially the production facilities.

An Ideal Solution

If the high energy costs have botheredyou, the above form of cooling will be much more cost-effective than the refrigerated air conditioning system. Market data analysis proves that the process is 80% more economical than the conventional air conditioning. So, you can save a lot of money without compromising the operational returns throughout various industries with the use of evaporative cooling.

It will provide the ideal solution to various applications and industries, including

  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Open and semi-open areas
  • Industrial plants
  • Kitchens and restaurants
  • Food manufacturing plants
  • Workshops and garages
  • Animal farms and breeding facilities

Unlike the air-conditioning system that will provide re-circulated air for circulation, the evaporative systems will circulate fresh air and force out the stale hot air.

1. Optimal Indoor Air Quality: Do you know that indoor air quality is significant in maintaining the health of the workers and the right environment for the things you store? With the implementation of the evaporative cooling system, you are making way for the entry of much fresh air that will also maintain the proper ventilation of the space.

  • The air will be chilly as the air that the machine will draw from outside will pass through the cooling pads.
  • The absence of pollens and impurities due to the appropriate filtration process for people who suffer from allergies.

Inhaling pure air is a luxury in today’s world, where the pollution levels are up. So this system will be a bonus for the workers.

2. Eco-Friendly Way: Do you feel the dryness when the air conditioner is on? It is because of the refrigerated cooling process that makes the air dry by sucking out the moisture. Also, the system uses chemicals that harm the environment.

So, you won’t feel any irritation in the eyes and throat that may cause respiratory or other health issues. On the contrary, the evaporative cooling system’s air will never undergo re-circulation, and there will be constant replacement with fresh air.  Thus the air is more refreshing, and since there are no refrigerants or coolants used, this option becomes an eco-friendly choice.

3. Lower the Cost: Cost effectivity is not only owing to the better energy- efficiency but also for the lower operational costs.

  • The initial capital investment cost will be below. The units cost much lesser than the traditional cooling system, and the installation charge is also low.
  • It has a simplistic design, which will also lower the maintenance and repair charges.

The buying price of a typical evaporative cooling system will be 50% lesser than the conventional refrigerated air conditioners. However, the numbers may sound impressive but will happen in reality only when you choose the right solution and supplier to consider the particular air conditions in the space where you want to install the system.

4. Better Environment and Better You: Opting for the evaporative form of air condition means you are helping the environment and yourself experience natural and cool but fresh, filtered air.

  • Consumption of electricity is less.
  • You are not exhausting many fossil fuels like natural gas or coal that produce electricity.
  • Compare the evaporative cooling with the refrigerated systems that produce potent greenhouse gases like hydrofluorocarbons or chlorofluorocarbons. These will deplete the ozone layer.

Final Thoughts

You must have understood how the evaporative way of cooling is better than the usual form. So, if you are contemplating a new purchase and looking for the best cooling option, evaporative coolers are a decent investment.