40G Twinax Cable Storage Tips For Long Lasting Use

Huawei Compatible QSFP-40G-CU50CM QSFP+  to QSFP+ 0.5m Twinax Passive CableTwinax cables are sensitive to excessive and harsh pulling, bending, twisting, crushing, and other such strong forces, which may pose threats to its superior and reliable performance. Therefore, 40G Twinax cable requires precise attention and needs to be handled as well as stored in an appropriate manner to extend its longevity. The innovation of network cabling has gone through tremendous changes over the years, making an advanced leap forward to high-speed fiber cables.


Despite how quality-centric fiber optic cable you have installed, its maintenance of the cable can help you endure the lifelong performance of Twinax cables. This post is specifically dedicated to suggesting the Twinax cables professional storage tips.

Before Storage Of Twinax Cables- Move Cable Drum Appropriately With Attention

Before storing a 40Gbps Twinax cable, it is important to move the cable appropriately because they are heavy. In this regard, cable drum movement is one of the reliable ways for heavy-weighted cable transportation. When the cable reel (drum) is too heavy to lift manually, it needs to be moved upright by lifting the cable with a cable drum mover. Never drop a cable drum from any height during transportation.

When handling the 40G Twinax cable drum by a forklift, the cable operator needs to pay proper attention to avoid any damage to the Twinax cable. Make sure that the forklift doesn’t get in touch with the cable jacket anyways. However, some reels are of sufficient length and have enough weight that is required for cranes to load and unload from cable transport vehicles. Under such a specific situation, a spreader bar of sufficient length is necessary to keep the drum flanges from being compressed by the forklift.

Where Should be 40G Twinax Cable Need To Be Stored?

Twinax cables should be stored in a dry and UV-protected area, such as a container or room. Don’t make the mistake of keeping them outside or in a harsh environment. Choosing a space for cable storage with no risk of excessive humidity, falling objects, liquid spills (oil, grease, chemical, etc.), or excessive heat. Also, keeping them outside the open area can make the appearance of the cable drum suffer weathering or other damages due to climate changes. Elements like moisture and other contamination should also keep in mind when choosing an appropriate storage location for Twinax cables.

Twinax Cable Storage Requirements

There are certain key requirements mentioned below that one should pay attention to when storing Twinax cables. These essential requirements make a huge difference in the performance of longevity of the Twinax cables.

  • Store with seals- Always keep the cable reel seal that usually comes with the Twinax cables. On the seal, you can see some important information mentioned about the 40G Twinax cable-like cable description, bandwidth, and cable length. Keeping such information safe with the cable reel is crucial for future traceability.
  • Keep the cable reel on a level and firm surface- Store the Twinax cable reel standing on both flanges on a firm and level surface of the ground. Never store the cable on one flange surface as it could result in cable damage when unwinding.
  • Don’t exceed the minimum bending strength of the cable- When changing the cable reels, keep in the notice that the diameter of the new reel should not be less than the minimum bending radius of the cable.

By following these Twinax cable storage tips, you can protect the cable from damage and extend its use in the data center or any other enterprise.