5 benefits of how a cPanel license can affect your website?


cPanel is a control panel software that is used for web hosting tasks. Its user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness are why many developers in the industry prefer to use it. The main advantage of cPanel is that it allows its users to access it remotely and maintain their servers from any part of the world. Like other software in the market to use cPanel for your website you need cheap licenses form a seller. A cheap cPanel license for your business or company’s website can be brought easily on the Internet nowadays.

Further about cPanel

cPanel has a Linux-based graphical interface (GUI), with which many hosting tasks are even easier to perform. These include creating email accounts, managing domains, and organizing the files on them. The best thing about cPanel is that you can easily manage multiple websites from a single user interface. One of the reasons for the popularity of cPanel in the web industry is its similar interface with WordPress. Also, there are over 80 million websites that use cPanel to manage them.

5 benefits of how cPanel affects your website

Many tools within cPanel itself are used to perform all the management tasks. Here are 5 benefits of how cPanel affects your website:-

1) Adding applications to your server

Applications are used to add extra features to your website. Some applications help to solve common tasks or may provide useful data for visitor analytics. It’s very easy to install these applications for your website from the command line. Command-line is only useful when you know what applications to install. There are a lot of auto-installers that automate the installation process using predefined scripts. The auto-installer automatically configures your database, server files, and user permissions. These can make it quite easier to add applications to the website easily and eliminate the chance for human errors. The cPanel dashboard always shows you the available updates for you to install for all your applications.

2) Managing multiple domains with a cPanel account

Sometimes a business or a company has multiple websites and instead of purchasing separate hosting accounts for all of them, you can simply add them to the same cPanel account. The resources can be further divided for the different domains. Rather than spending on different cPanel accounts for each domain, you can manage it at one centralized place to manage all of your domains. You can easily find a cheap cPanel license for your domains from an IT company or on the Internet. 

3) Monitoring Website Performance

Your website’s performance is the factor which is involved in its success. Many studies have shown that more than half of the visitors leave your website if it takes more than 3 seconds for the website to load. Any delay caused on the website can have a negative effect on the visitor. To help grow your audience, it is important to monitor your website’s performance from time to time. The website’s performance can also be checked by cPanel’s resource usage tool which identifies any application that is dominating your resources. This tool helps if you experience any sort of an upsurge in website traffic.

4) Backup with cPanel

It’s really important to keep a backup of your website regularly. If you face any sort of problem with your website, a backup can help solve that problem for you. For instance, if your website gets hacked or infected with malware, you can easily restore your website from a saved backup. Some hackers or viruses can cause damage to your website by deleting all its content. If you don’t have a backup for it, you can lose months or even years of your data with no hope for its recovery. You can easily backup your website’s data with the help of quality tools like backup wizard in cPanel. 

5) Security

Security is a huge concern for many website users. If someone gains access to your website, they may harm it or use the data unethically. To avoid your website being hacked or attacked by malware, you can protect your website now which will save you a lot of effort and time in the future. cPanel has many features which help keep the website unharmed like password-protecting sensitive directories. Passwords can be useful if you share your website with other people like freelance developers, contributors, and partners. You can use password protection to help control who has access to which sections of your website. Any part of your website’s file system can be password protected using cPanel’s directory privacy.


Running a successful website isn’t an easy task. Always make sure that your web hosting provider or you choose the cPanel interface because you’ll have access to more efficient and powerful website management tools. cPanel is a good option for your website as it has so many tools included and is quite well-known amongst people in the web industry. Go and search the Internet to get a cheap cPanel license for your website right away.