5 Benefits of Responsive Website Design

As online consumerism keeps on growing, a lot of people consume services and information online today more than ever. If you are an entrepreneur and intend to run an online business, you cannot reach your business to its optimal potential without having an online presence. Furthermore, having a website is just one piece of the pie; you need a website that must include the following attributes.

    • Well managed and up-to-date
    • Elegantly designed to provide a greater user experience to the end-users.
    • Customer’s centric onsite content
    • Fast loading speed
    • Responsive across every gadget like laptop, desktop, mobile phones, and tablets.

This write-up primarily focuses on website responsiveness. Typically, website development companies put site responsiveness as one of the key success factors. Responsive web design is vital for the success of a business and most importantly for end-users in the following ways.


Content Mapping 

    1. Attracting More Traffic
    2. Decreasing Bounce Rates
    3. Boost Conversions Rates
    4. Faster Loading Pages
    5. Improved Search Engine Optimization

Without further ado, let’s have a peek into specifics that how beneficial a responsive website can be for your business growth.

1. Responsive Websites Attract More Traffic 

The ultimate goal of having a site built is to have more traffic coming into the site, acquire services, consume information, and increase viewership. With the immense penetration of the internet and smart portable gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and iPads; more people today carry out search and online shopping on the smart devices at their hands. A site may be losing a lot of traffic if the site developers neglect the importance of the site’s responsiveness. What a responsive website does, it appears smooth and properly aligned on every gadget with no design overlap. While developing a website, a website development company always ensures that the site is auto-responsive and optimized for the pixels of every smart device screen.

2. Decrease Bounce Rates

Responsive websites that are mobile-optimized provide a better user experience for visitors. Thus it is highly likely that visitors linger on the website for a longer time. However, people may immediately jump back out of the site if the is not duly align. Thus to keep the visitor stick and engaged, the site has no issues, such as content and design overlap, and disarray of pages and menus.

3. Boost Conversion Rates

What a good website does is it keeps the visitors engaged when they arrive on a site for resolving their queries. Therefore, if the site is responsive and loads up fast enough, the chances are likely high that many visitors may purchase and subscribe to the services or products. Having a website that looks professional, elegantly designed ultimately boosts sales rates.

4. Faster Loading Pages 

Many mobile visitors usually abandon a website that takes long enough, probably more than 3 seconds to finish offloading. If a site failed to load fast enough and does not fully optimize for smart devices, it eventually alienates the visitors. Thus, a website with a blend of responsiveness and speed is highly essential if the site belongs to the eCommerce and online shopping category.

5. Improved Search Engine Optimization 

Responsive website design is also highly important from a search engine optimization perspective. Apart from having a stunning design, responsive, and loads up quickly, the success of a website is also highly dependent on the quality of the onsite content. A fresh, never baked before content goes a long way and the search engine find the site befitting for ranking up.


Final Words 

Responsive websites play a crucial role in the success of a website. As many people today search and surf the internet with smart gadgets, it is thus highly important to keep the responsiveness attribute in mind while developing a website. Typically responsive websites provide a better user experience, make the visitors stick to the site, who then may ultimately seek to subscribe to the services on the site.


About Contribution 

This guest post is contributed by Muhammad Irshad. Mr. Irshad is Marketing Executive working with FME Extension— a leading web design and SEO Services Dubai based company. Mr. Irshad enjoys reading and writing guest post about eCommerce, Startups, Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Innovations. Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.