5 Best Offline Zombie Games for Android

Who doesn’t love to kill zombies? I know, everyone will say, I love. But the truth is that there are no real zombies in real life though we all know about zombies because of watching zombie movies and games. In movies, you can’t really kill zombies but in a game, you obviously can. So if you want to kill blood zombies by shooting you can play any good zombie killing game. You can start from here on this post — the 5 best offline zombie games for Android. Below is the list and all of these games are so good, you’ll love them for sure.

So, let’s start …

1. Zomvid-19: Insane Zombie Survival Fantasy


Zomvid-19 is our first pick — the latest offline zombie survival game with a combination of tower defense, carefully developed by Odyssey Developments. In the game blood-thirsty zombies on the way, they are coming as waves, again and again. Fortunately, you have a massive amount of powerful weapons and explosives to kill them all. There are a bunch of levels with different gaming modes to test your shooting skills whether the next level is always harder than the one before.

So, grab your weapons and explosives bag, keep shooting, and kill the blood-thirsty zombies on the way before they reach you. Get daily bonuses, unlock all the weapons and explosives, upgrade them to make them more deadly, and always try to shoot your best to become the ultimate zombie shooter of the game. With HD graphics, cool design, and sound effects, this game lets you enjoy a challenging and exciting shooting experience as you try to defend the zombie attacks.

Download Zomvid-19 for Android

2. Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is one of the most popular zombie shooting games out there that has been played for nearly a decade by millions of users. The gameplay is very engaging and exciting with unlimited random missions with an engaging storyline.

Amazing graphics with advanced lighting and post-process effects, various environments, high-quality 3D characters, background music, Dead Trigger 2 game take into a thrilling zombie shooting experience. There are lots of modern lethal weapons and gears to kill the blood-thirsty nasty zombies. Overall a high-quality offline FPS zombie shooting game for zombie game lovers.

Download Dead Trigger 2

3. Plants vs Zombies™ 2 Free

This is another strategy-based offline zombie game where you have to survive against zombies in a fun way. With retro-style 2D graphics, funny & enjoyable gameplay, simple controls, and tons of stuff for crafting and base building it will amuse you. There are a ton of zombies out there, so either run from or kill as well.

Just start, meet, greet, and defeat legions of hilarious zombies from the dawn of time. Built an army of amazing plants, charge them with Plant Food, and implement your ultimate plan to protect your brain. Put your skills to the test, battle across 11 crazy worlds with more than 300 ultra challenging levels, and face other players in Arena to get the highest score on unique levels.

Download Plants vs Zombies™ 2 Free

4. Zombie Comando Shooting

Like the Dead Trigger 2, this offline zombie shooter game is good too. In the game, zombies come from anywhere in the city, they are hungry, and want to kill any living things. There are not only normal zombies, some of them huge zombie bosses who are more difficult to kill.

Just pick your weapons up and face them! Keep upgrading your weapons, and don’t forget that the zombies are evolving themselves as well, you cannot destroy them with a single gun always. No worries, a dozen of different kinds of weapons will help you to survive in the battle between walking bloody zombies.

Download Zombie Comando Shooting

5. Dead Target

Our last pick is Dead Target which is all about keeping your defense up and shooting zombies. Because after the zombie apocalypse in 2040, a special sniper team was hired to head to the warfare, this could be your last day on Earth. So defense yourself, collect guns and turn yourself into a Zombie Hunter so you can survive. With modern control, it allows you to enjoy fun and addictive combat. Your only duty is to shoot zombies and save yourself! With lots of crazy features and customizations, Dead target is obviously one of the best offline zombie games for Android.

Download Dead Target