5 essential tips to be happy and succeed in college

Are you looking for your way? Would you like to find a meaningful activity that makes you happy to wake up in the morning? School has accustomed you to believing that only good grades count. You succeed when you have more than half of all your exams. You tell yourself that if it worked like that at school, Write my essay it will also work at university. So there is a risk that if you think like that you will miss out on the best that university can offer you. Here are the 5 tips I would like to have if I was a student. They will completely change your college experience… for the better.

1. Know who you are and what excites you

I teach psychology at university and am always amazed to hear my students explain their choice of studies. Often, they choose their studies because a friend is like the same or because they have seen a movie they think they like. Many of them end up discovering that they have taken the wrong path. It is not easy to choose your studies when you lack life experience. But you need a minimum of knowledge about yourself and information about your studies. Have you thought about taking an orientation or personality test? Borrow a specialized book from the library, does that mean anything to you? Each student should at least have done these 2 things before choosing their direction. To get the most out of your studies, you need direction, to know why you are studying. It is the only way for you to excel and achieve the life you want to have. A bad choice of course will lead you to be a poor student when you might be the best in another discipline. This is the first reason why you must prepare your choice of studies. Some questions to help you: Do my essay What gives you fishing in your spare time? What would you like to do as an activity for others without getting paid? What are your favorite topics of discussion? In what environment do you like to work, office, outdoors, business, nature? Alone or in a team? What will have fun in my future job? What is the diploma worth in the labor market? What jobs will be available to you?

2. You are not here to gobble up information

Do you really want to study to accumulate knowledge? If so, the good news is you don’t need to pay for expensive education. Google, Wikipedia or a good library will suffice. Today, universities no longer have a monopoly on knowledge. Much has changed since the arrival of the internet. So what can university offer you? In fact a lot more than you might imagine. You are going to analyze, to argue, to reason. These are skills that are difficult to acquire on the internet. In addition, you will have the chance to have experts in your chosen field at your fingertips. Imitate them, understand how they work to develop the same skills.

3. Your career does not start after graduation

Lately, one of my former students told me that he finally realized the freedom and the time he had when he was a student. Most students don’t realize how much precious time they are wasting in college… if they don’t use it wisely. But what does it mean to use your time wisely in college? Get out of the classic pattern of thinking that wants you to find a job after you graduate. You are going to have to do a thesis or an end of studies thesis, right? Well, couldn’t this thesis be at the same time a springboard for your future job? Some smart students manage to set up their business during their studies , sometimes fully engage in entrepreneurship even before graduating or some find their future associates on the benches of the university.
  1. Flee the all-out path
One of the great benefits for me of studying is that it opens your mind to the many possibilities available to you. You do not have to follow a course program totally defined by your Faculty. Don’t be afraid to take 1 or 2 lessons that deviate from your field to open up to other ways of thinking. It is often the occasion to discover a new passion. One of my best examples is what happened to a friend of mine. When he was studying economics, he took a course in behavioral psychology to better understand what dictated the buying behavior of people. He became so passionate about psychology that he simultaneously started a master’s degree and then completed a doctorate.

5. Get out as much as possible!

  I’m not just talking about going out for drinks with friends, although that’s cool and you have to do it once in a while. The social network that you will have during your studies is worth gold. I see a lot of college students who are only focused on how well they’ll be on the exam. Get out of this habit to discover all aspects of university life. Meet with your teachers outside of class to chat, ask questions, or ask them for advice on career opportunities. If you don’t, you’ll find out too late that you’ve missed out on a great opportunity. The more you expand your network and your social skills, Buy essay online the more you will benefit from your university experience. I have experienced it myself and have observed it in many students. You are considerably preparing yourself for the real world that awaits you outside. As I said before, expanding your network of contacts is a crucial asset that you should start working on in college. The final word In training, we always receive as much as we give. The more you get involved the more you get in return. Ask yourself the right questions, don’t try to figure out who wins the most between lawyer and doctor but rather ask yourself what life you want to have in 10 years and how your studies will help you. References:
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