5 Factors To Consider While Selecting your Lafayette Apartments Floor

Los Angeles is the home of many high-rise apartment buildings. As of 2021, LA has 806 high-rise buildings over 100 feet, including many new high-rise apartment buildings over 600 feet and 400 feet. Also, the Wilshire Grand and U.S. Bank Tower are the two tallest buildings in LA over 1,000 feet. 

In this, if you are hunting down apartments in Lafayette LA, you’re gonna decide first on which floor you want to live. The height of your Lafayette apartments plays a significant role in your lifestyle, so make the decision very carefully. 

To help you out, we have laid down a few factors that you should consider while selecting your Lafayette apartments floor number:

Look for security conditions 

If you are looking for apartments Lafayette LA, at a lower level, you have to pay special attention to the safety and security conditions of the building. As lower-level apartments can be easily accessed by intruders; thus, you have to closely monitor the security conditions. Make sure that the building has proper CCTV cameras, fencing, guards, an intercom system, and other security amenities in order. 

On the contrary, high-level apartments can’t be easily accessed, but you should consider the security system anyway because caution is always better than sorry. 

Fire safety 

Higher apartments Lafayette are more secure from the intrusion side, but from a fire safety angle, they aren’t much safe. If your apartment building isn’t constructed to meet the standard guidelines issued by the Los Angeles Fire Department, you are at high risk.

Therefore, while buying an apartment in sky-high buildings, be sure to check all fire safety rules. Common things that you can check are special fire exits, fire extinguishers on every floor, automatic sprinklers, etc. 

Staircases and Elevators

If you are planning to buy an apartment on the 25th floor, you simply can’t survive without a proper elevator system. Thus, make sure that your apartment building should at least have two elevators in case one is damaged. Plus, also check what safety precautions are followed to manage elevators. 

If you are getting an apartment on a lower level, say 3rd or 4th, you can survive with a decent staircase too. But stairs have to be wide and safe enough. Especially if you have young kids and elders living with you, safe stairs are a must. Also, check how many stairs your building has if you don’t want to glide through overcrowded stairs every morning. 

Consider your budget 

Usually, higher-level apartments are more expensive than low-level apartments. That’s because the view is the main attraction behind buying sky-high apartments. So, when you are hoping to watch the clear sky, widespread beach, or untainted greenery from your bedroom window, you have to spend more compared to low-level apartments. 

Network coverage 

Mobile networks and broadband networks are two vital parts of our lives today. Whether you are working from home or simply binge-watching on Netflix, you need an uninterrupted network. In sky-high apartments, you might have to face some network issues. So, check network coverage on your floor before buying apartments Lafayette LA. 

This guide must have given you a fair idea about on which floor you should book your next apartment home. However, if you are looking for a closed community, gated, and pet-friendly apartment building in Lafayette, LA, you can visit the Lafayette Gardens home. We are a small apartment community located in Acadiana across from the highly desirable River Ranch neighborhood in Lafayette, LA. Check out our apartments to find your home.