5 Flat Wedding Shoes Ideas That Every Bride Will Love


Whether you are forever in love with heels or not, you might want to consider some flats when it comes to your wedding day. Wedding days, for all the fun and happiness they entail, can be quite long. As per many brides, their wedding days stretched well beyond twelve hours. Staying, balancing, walking, gliding and  dancing on skyscrapers for that long a day can be tedious. And you are one of those brides who just love to dance, you might want to slip into some comfortable numbers before you take the dancefloor by storm. So, ladies, it is time to take a look at some of the best flat wedding shoes that you know you will want to put on at some point on your big day.

Lace is forever:

There is no denying that as far as bridal fashion is concerned, lace really is a material that is forever. Its eternal charm has been wonderfully captured by bridal designers in flat wedding shoes. While various types of motifs are available in lace shoes, this year is seeing surging popularity of floral patterns with pearl embellishments.

The wedding pumps:

As is known to every bride, when it comes to weddings, pump shoes are an essential element. However, these pumps usually come in heels. Thankfully, designers nowadays have considered that not every woman is fond of sky-high heels and thus designers have created gorgeous flat pumps that are stunning, chic and classic all rolled in one. Whether you are wearing a princess gown, a skater dress or a bridal jumpsuit, you can pair these pumps with it beautifully.

Colours are in:

When you think about bridal footwear, the hues that come to mind are usually, white, ivory or at the most champagne. However, this year’s wedding footwear trends have seen a much welcome change to that age-old practice. This year, both high heels and flat wedding shoes are available in vibrant, bold colours including red, green and blue. Way to jazz things up, wouldn’t you say? These colored shoes pack quite the punch in regards to statement style and make for great wedding photographs.

Glitter is always pretty:

There is a popular misconception about flat wedding shoes – that they are often boring. But that is what it is – a misconception. A little bit of sparkle is just enough to make everything prettier and that is exactly what is happening with today’s glitter-trimmed shoes and long leather Coat. From sandals to ballerinas and slip-ons to flip-flops, whatever your choice is, you will find that they are being made better with glittery trim, sequin and stone embellishments.

And then there are the sneakers:

For the brides who are more unconventional and heavily prefer comfort over a few extra inches of height, wedding sneakers are a wonderful choice. Have you seen the brightly colored sneakers with glitter trim, yet or the laser cut one? They are unique, stylish and sassy – perfect for today’s bride who are free-spirited and aren’t scared to pave new ways with their fresh fashion ideas.

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