5 Historical Singapore Places You Must Visit!

Singapore is a multi-racial country and represents its history on the green signboards on its
streets. The article provides a brief history and interesting facts about the origin of famous
Singaporean streets.

Bugis Street

Bugis Street was one of the oldest and most notorious streets – now known as a shopping
lane for tourists and Singaporeans. It has messy food stalls, designer goods shops and is
entirely redecorated as a famous street market.

Originally, the street was just like roadside – dining, displaying adult-themed shows, and
playing gambling dens. Hawkers bring the business of goods and foods to Bugis Street.

Keong Saik Road

This Street in Singapore is named after a successful Singaporean Businessman. He spoke for
women’s rights and brought awareness about education. Later, he was ranked as Municipal
Commissioner and Justice of Peace.

Bukit Merah

The worldly meaning of “Bukit Merah” is “Red Hill”. The history tells that this street is
named after a cunning sultan who sent his soldiers to kill an innocent boy in the town. It is
also abbreviated as “Bt Merah”. It is a new town and planning area in the southern part of

Jiak Chuan Road

This road is named after a wealthy person, “Tan Jiak Chuan”, who left a large amount of
money after his death for the development of Tan Tock Seng Hospital and Raffles Institution.

Chao Chu Kang

Earlier, it was an area for rubber plantations and kampong housing. This street is named after
the owner of the plantation known as “Kangchu”. The Chu means “Master” and Kang means
“Riverbank”. It refers to the owner of the rubber plantation in the area.


The wordy meaning of Sengkang is “Prosperous Harbour”. This place was a fishing village,
along with pepper, rubber, and pineapple plantation. This street has undergone rapid
development over the decades.

Ann Siang Hill

This area was once named Gemmill’s Hill and Scott’s Hill. Later, it was named after Chia
Ann Siang, a well-known & rich businessman. The Ann Siang Road connects this hill area to
Kadayanallur Street.