5 Most Commonly Found Dental Emergency

You probably already take good care of your teeth, by brushing regularly, flossing once in a while, and gargling with a mouthwash at night. That is great as it saves you from several dental issues. 

However, there are some instances that call for emergency dental procedures and there is no way to avoid them. Therefore Emergency Dentists in Accrington works strenuously to offer the best dental care during emergencies. 

Unfortunately, many people are simply unaware of the idea of a dental emergency, thereby they cannot tell apart the normal dental checkup from a dental emergency. Therefore, sometimes, they would delay their appointments and worsen the condition.

Continue reading this blog, as we will zoom in to some most commonly found dental emergencies that should never be overlooked.

Cracked Tooth

Sometimes, you take a bite into something really hard, like nuts, ice, or bones, and sometimes you unknowingly grind your teeth or put pressure on them.  These practices can lead to teeth cracking and you might be unaware of them until you hit middle age and find out that your teeth have gone weak. 

Irrespective of why your teeth are feeling a bit lost, you must go and consult a dentist. 

If you are unable to immediately go and see a dentist, put an ice pack if you feel any swelling. Also, you can take pain relievers like Tylenol to give immediate relief.

Dental Trauma

Dental is one of the topmost dental emergencies and it usually leads to tooth loss. Usually, dental trauma is the product of accidents, and it causes lots of bleeding. 

Believe it or not, if you visit the dentist on time, you can salvage back your dislodged tooth. 

Another way to restore the tooth is to rinse it with water or milk and tuck it inside your cheek. Doing so would keep the tooth and its roots moisturized. However, this, not a permanent fix and you still need to see the dentist immediately. 

An emergency dentist would take a careful and thorough assessment and they would see if there any means to save your tooth or not.

Unbearable Toothache

There are many reasons for severe tooth pain. It usually lasts for several hours to several days, so you must not wait. 

There are times when gum abscess and pulpal also become the reason for extreme discomfort and pain. Especially while biting and chewing it gets very painful. Another cause of intense dental pain is inflammation over the wisdom tooth.

All the above-mentioned circumstances make it essential for you to provide your teeth with dental attention. Try not to examine your teeth yourself, leave it to the dentist. They would not explain your condition to you, but also prepare you for upcoming procedures.

Lost Fillings

Losing your dental fillings can also become an emergency case as it leads to inflammation and sometimes even severe pain. Inflammation usually occurs because of bacterial infection.

In case of dental infection, the emergency dentist would first remove the decay and old filling residue and then give your tooth a new filling.

Crown Coming off 

If you wear a temporary dental crown, you must see the dentist immediately if it comes off. 

You can also put a tiny bit of vaseline and try to place the crown back before seeing the doctor. This is helpful in some cases as it serves as a temporary bond before you could go to see a dentist. A good dentist would first assess your tooth and then provide the crown that fits perfectly.

How To Choose The Right Dentist?

Now that you are familiar with emergency cases that need immediate dental focus. It is time for you to find out the right dentist for emergency procedures. Below, is a brief and quick guide to help you choose the right dentist.

Check The Reputation

First off, you need to check the reputation of the dentist you are thinking of visiting. Check the reviews, analyze the complaints and feedback from former patients.

This can give you an idea regarding what you can expect. If complaints outnumber the good reviews, then you should perhaps look for another dentist.


Since time is most critical in emergency dental cases, you should choose the dentist who is most accessible. This does not necessarily mean that the dentist should be nearest.

Level Of Care

Another factor that needs to be kept in mind is the facilities provided in the dental office. Always check if the dentist is using the latest equipment from the packet. It is also important to observe if the atmosphere and ambiance seem friendly.

Whether you are in need of a dental emergency or just going for a regular check-up, it is important to make sure that you are getting the right treatment.