5-Out-Of-The-Box Food App Ideas

Research backs it. Food and grocery applications have a huge demand. As a business that wants to scale its food business, it is the perfect time to enter the digital market via mobile and online platforms. If you’re going to diversify their business or start a business from scratch, finding unconventional ideas can be daunting. We have compiled a list of five concepts out of the box and will help you stand apart from most digital businesses. To make it easy, you can hire grocery delivery app developers since they know the industry and can help you build the platform of your dreams.

1.Late Night Delivery Mobile Application

Many people can attest to the fact that they have late-night cravings. Due to boredom, habit, or irregular meals during the day, one can have intense cravings. However, the cuisine of their choice may usually is unavailable late at night. You can cater to this set of customers! If you have your restaurant, a food delivery app development that can help you deliver at night will ease one part of the process. Customers can order via this app, and the food will reach faster due to less traffic at night.

Moreover, a marketing campaign around this service can spread awareness and increase clients. Your target audience will be working professionals and students. It can also become a unique selling point for your business. If you don’t own a restaurant, then outsourcing it to a cloud kitchen will be cheaper than a restaurant.

2. Corporate events catering

Festivals and parties in corporate offices call for food in large quantities. Moreover, they have a big budget to pay you if your service is up to the mark. You can also work on a retainer basis for each event. If you were planning to move from a B2C model to a B2B model, this could be the perfect switch. Alternatively, you can also partner with big restaurants and cafes to deliver fresh produce and grocery. Hire a grocery delivery app developer to build the mobile platform to ease the communication and place the order from your customers.

3. Event Catering Mobile Application

An extension to the above idea is catering to all events. Weddings, parties, funerals, conferences, college festivals, music festivals, exhibitions, etc., need food. And you can cater to events and offer packages according to the size of the event. Your application can act as your portfolio and rate card. Special offers around festivals via push notifications will give an edge. Push notifications are a faster way of delivering new offers before your competitors without these platforms can provide.

4. AR-Apps to enhance a restaurant experience

If there is one trend that will not die anytime soon, it’s augmented reality. It was initially used for navigation but has quickly spread to every industry possible. The quickest way of making your business popular is by chasing social currency. Nowadays, social currency is a trendy experience on social media apps. Combining the AR trend and social media, you can launch a mobile platform preferable for both Android and iOS to cover all customers. AR menu cards, entertaining AR while waiting for food, and additional tidbits to delight your customer can help you integrate AR with your restaurant.

Moreover, challenges like finishing a giant pizza in one sitting with an end reward of free food also excite people to try the food out. You can use this to your advantage and gamify the food experience. Fun games like finding a rare collectible that gives one 50% discount will encourage customers to eat in your restaurant to try their luck. You can get very creative with AR to make your business the go-to food joint.

5. Food for Gym enthusiasts

Many people have become conscious of what they eat and how much they eat. Moreover, they are hungry for information regarding the proper diet and food. You can develop an application that caters to their questions and suggest products that will help them stick to their nutrition goals. These products can be yours or sponsored by other companies. If you are a gym enthusiast and want to help other people, this idea is excellent. You can make it convenient for them to access the correct information backed up by a professional nutritionist or dietician.

In Conclusion

These were some ideas that are unconventional and have comparatively low competition. However, you must do your competitor and market analysis once you pick a concept from the list above. You can hire experienced developers for your food delivery app development.