5 Points to Consider While Choosing a Taxi to Gatwick Airport


With 46.5 million passengers served in 2019, Gatwick airport is one of the busiest airports in the UK as well as in the world. It has two terminals: the South and the North. As most of these 46 million travellers need a taxi, or another means of transport to reach their final destination, a large number of Gatwick airport taxi services are offering these services and competing for clients.

This competition, however, does not mean that all these companies are serving their clients equally well. There are considerable differences in the price and service when it comes to taking a taxi to Gatwick. But choosing the right taxi service is not just a matter of choosing an expensive one and expecting a wonderful journey. With a little knowledge, however, you can find a very suitable taxi to Gatwick airport without breaking your bank. Here, we will discuss the most important points that will enable you to choose the best travelling option for your next airport visit.

Licenced vs. Unlicensed Taxi to Gatwick

During Gatwick airport transfer, you should always go for a licenced taxi service due to a number of reasons. First, licenced taxi services are obliged to follow rules and regulations as per the instructions of related authorities. For example, licenced taxi services are required to have a working GPS connection, which makes it easier to find your desired location and helps authorities to track taxi location in the case of an emergency.

Secondly, a licenced service offering taxi to Gatwick hires qualified drivers and trains them properly before sending them to handle clients. So, you are more likely to receive better service when you choose licenced taxi service as compared to an unlicensed one.

Considering Luxury vs. Affordability While Hiring Gatwick Airport Taxi

Do you want a luxury limousine or a limousine with a chauffeur? Though taxi companies in Gatwick have reasonably well-maintained vehicles, they do not offer highly luxurious cars for your Gatwick airport transfer. You can have all this with fine upholstery and flattering service by ordering a private car from a rent a car company. Some taxi companies also offer luxury cars for hire, and you will find Wi-Fi, newspaper, and good refreshment during your journey on a private and luxurious taxi to Gatwick airport.

Do you want still more? There are some companies that will customise the taxi service and the amenities they provide according to your requirements and instructions. Just like other luxury taxis to Gatwick, these customisations cost extra, and you have to try it to know if it is worth the extra spend.

Congestion Charges

There is a congestion charge of £15 per day to enter certain congested areas. Areas vary by day, time of the day, and other factors. However, there is a piece of comforting news for travellers who do not like to pay that much. You will be shown clear signs when approaching a congestion charges zone, also called a CC zone, before being charged any amount. You can avoid congestion charges altogether by avoiding CC zones, but it is not always the best decision. If you choose to pay congestion charges, you can do so by SMS, phone, online, or by walking into a shop. Usually, a licenced Gatwick airport taxi is exempt from this charge, and if you are concerned about the congestion charges, you should talk to the cab company beforehand.

Parking Charges

You should not be surprised to see parking charges in your taxi bill during your Gatwick airport transfer because it is a usual practice for taxi companies to add parking charges to customers’ bills. However, this does not mean that you need to pay unnecessary parking charges, the charges you could have avoided.

Experienced drivers tend to avoid unnecessary parking charges as they know the right place to pick, drop, and wait for their clients. Here is another bit of advice in this regard. You should exchange your mobile number with the driver in order to avoid unnecessary parking charges as well as unnecessary delays.

Child Seat and Swivel Seats

When you book a taxi to Gatwick, please keep in mind that all taxi services should provide child or swivel seats without charging any additional fee. Do not hesitate to ask the driver about such facilities if you need them.


Gatwick Airport handles millions of passengers every year and there are a large number of taxi companies with a large number taxi to Gatwick airport options. If your need is just a simple mode of transportation, you can just order an economical taxi service by performing a simple web search and choosing an affordable taxi service. However, if you need luxury, or have unique travelling requirement, you can order luxury taxis with custom amenities from a reputable company.

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