5 Prime Uses Of Lanolin Creme For You To Consider

Moisturisers are used to prevent and avoid dry, rugged, scaly, itchy skin, as well as mild skin irritations. Emollients relax and moisturise the skin while also reducing itching and flaking.

Some products like Lanolin Ointment are primarily used to protect the skin from irritation.

The loss of water in the upper layer of the skin causes dry skin. Emollients operate by creating an oily layer on the skin’s surface that absorbs moisture.

Emollients include petrolatum, lanolin, mineral oil, and dimethicone. Glycerin, lecithin, and propylene glycol are humectants, which draw water into the skin’s outer layer.

Many products also contain ingredients like urea, alpha hydroxy acids like lactic/citric/glycolic acid, etc.,

which soften the horny substance that binds the top layer of skin cells together.

This aids in the removal of dead skin cells, as well as allowing the skin to retain more water and feel cleaner and softer.

How to use Lanolin Cream

1) Go through all the manufacturer’s instructions before using any product. Some goods need to be primed before they can be used.

Ignore the product’s guidance to the letter. Enquire with your doctor or pharmacist if you have any concerns.

2) Before using any items, give them a good shake. Check the label to see if you need to give the bottle a good shake before using it.

As required, or as instructed on the label or by your doctor, apply to the affected areas of the skin.

The frequency with which you apply the drug is determined by the substance and your skin condition.


Lanolin Ointment
You will need to use the product every time you wash your hands to treat dry hands, and you may need to apply it during the day.

3) If you’re using this product to treat diaper rash, make sure you clean the diaper area thoroughly first and let it dry before applying the product.

4) Check with radiation workers to see whether your brand can be applied before radiation treatment if you’re using this product to help treat radiation skin burns.

5) For proper use, follow all of the instructions on the box. Only apply to the skin. Unless the label or your doctor says otherwise, avoid sensitive areas like your eyes, mouth/nose, and vaginal/groin area.

Check the label for any places or forms of skin where the product should not be used. Confirm the details with your doctor.


Take this medicine on a regular basis to get the best out of it. Most moisturisers need water to work properly. When the skin is still wet, apply the cream after bathing or showering.

If you have extremely dry skin, your doctor can advise you to soak the affected area before applying the product.

Bathing/washing for long periods of time, in hot water, or on a regular basis may aggravate dry skin.

If you are using it as a Nipple Cream, make sure to confirm it with your gynaecologist.