5 Reasons why Decorative Trays are an Important Element for any Family Gathering

Be it a celebration, pooja, or casual family gathering, decorative trays play an important role in organizing, serving, and decorating the home decor. Plus, sometimes it’s the smallest things that impress people the most! And the result is best when you put attention to every detail by taking out your most beautiful trays for entertaining your guests. Instead of basic serve ware selection, use elegant metal platters for making every guest feel special be it entertaining a friend during breakfast or sharing a tea after brunch.

Home Decor
Home Decor

Trays are always on your table either filled with treats or nuts, for you and your guests to snack on whenever they want. They are a permanent home decor accessory on our coffee table in most homes, if you don’t practice this in your home, you should definitely adopt this habit. This way you won’t have to leave your guests alone to grab the snacks from the kitchen, as they will be displayed on the table.

Most people don’t really care about trays. You might have seen homeowners flaunting their bone china and silverware but seldom do people pay attention to these essential home decor products. Available in an array of designs and shapes, these kitchen home decor items can help you upgrade your hosting skills. Can you imagine hosting a family gathering and catering to everyone without a tray? Your answer will obviously be a big No (well unless you are Flash then maybe you can handle it). Whether you want to serve drinks, tea, or a cocktail or bring out the flavors of your kitchen, you need these platters for efficiency and to create an inviting display for your food.

And so, Casa Decor is here with its stunning collection of sustainable trays that will help your host anything from family gatherings, to pooja ceremonies or movie nights. You can explore our home decor online store and grab the best one according to your needs!


What makes decorative trays mandatory in a home? 

Undoubtedly there are times when you can entertain your guest without touching a tray, maybe when only one person is in attendance, however even then you have to run in the kitchen a couple of times. So, naturally hosting a gathering without a tray can be a nightmare for most homeowners.

Not to forget the very purpose of hosting a gathering is to enjoy and share laughter, however in the midst of serving and attending, the host will be too tired to comfortably interact with everyone, which could leave a bad impression.

Decorative trays are not only good for serving but can also be used for decorating the table, as they create a welcoming visual for the food luring everyone to grab a drink or bite.

Trays Simply Make Serving Easier: Be it drinks or food, you can take a half dozen of bowls or glasses in one go using a tray.

Saves time: The best part about modernity is that it explores options to save our time. Trays were invented for the same reason. Instead of running 20 laps between the kitchen and living room use trays to minimize your runs and display everything at the table in a beautiful display.

Decorative Trays can be very Functional: Apart from entertaining decorative trays are also handy for the residents, as they can munch on the snacks if they are filled with them on the table. Plus these home decor products are equally great for organizing the trinkets in your home.


A Healthy Habit

Another reason why we use trays during gatherings is because of hygiene and proper table/serving manners. Some guests might not like it if you serve them with your hands especially in the current times when the world is affected by a pandemic. So, we recommend you to do everything to adapt the zero contact serving habits. Be it glasses or bowls let the guest collect it from the tray.

When the drinks are cold, your hands also tend to leave a mark on the drinkware that might look bad during a formal dinner setting. By simply using a tray you can escape these issues. Just keep the tray on the table or carry it to your guests allowing them to pick a glass on their own. Get used to this healthy habit and use our solid wood trays for serving a variety of drinks.


Serves anything be it, Sweets, Snacks or Drinks anywhere

Thanks to trays you can consider playing a party in the garden or terrace. Also, the availability of trays in infinite design allows them to hold a variety of foods, desserts, and drinks. Some trays come with rims, some feature death, and some are designed like a platter – you can shop these home decor items in different designs for serving different things. From the beaches to parks and every other place in between, you can use trays to host and serve gatherings anywhere.


Enhance the Beauty of your Tabletops

The right decorative tray can really enhance the beauty of your tableware giving it a fancy feel. Use can use our silver metal trays and pair them with your silver dining set to complete the look or use golden metal or wooden trays to draw attention toward special servings like the main dish or sweets. A beautiful tray can also act as a functional centerpiece. The better you utilize them, the more compliments you will receive. Go to our home decor online store and explore a wide variety of handmade trays in different shapes, colors, and designs to serve different types of foods. We have a tray for your every need, be it hosting, decorating, or organizing.


Decorative Trays as Pooja Thalis 

Not just guests, the Gods, and Goddess also deserve special treatment. Instead of using a simple plate, explore our home decor online store to find a beautiful collection of nature-inspired leaf trays that will be the perfect royal platter for a variety of pooja ceremonies.

Be festivals, marriages, or prayer ceremonies for an auspicious occasion, you can use these home decor products as a throne for the ‘diyas’ and ‘tilak’.


These are just a few reasons why you must invest in a decorative tray. It is a mandatory element of home decor and kitchenware that not only saves your time and effort but also helps you enjoy your parties. 

So, if you enjoy hosting parties, you should definitely check out the gorgeous collection of our handmade trays online and earn some compliments from guests. 

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