5 Sweet Weekend Tips To Spend Time With Your Family This Summer

The heat is definitely upon us with temperatures hitting record highs. This can only mean one thing. Summer is here! It’s a time to relax and enjoy each other’s company. We’re going to take a look at 5 sweet weekend tips this summer that are sure to make this more memorable.

Weekend Meals Together With the Family

With everyone’s busy lifestyle, it’s becoming more and more difficult for families to bond together. Even with the ongoing pandemic, family members are often busy with work or school. Weekends are the best though as most people are off from work on the weekends and kids don’t have school to focus on. This is a perfect time to bond together as a family.. Nothing beats a specially cooked meal if it is prepared together as a family. Assign tasks to the kids, and take on the more difficult parts of preparing and cooking a meal. This is the perfect time to teach your kids on how to cook if they are old enough so they also learn a valuable life skill. Make your meals extra special as well by cooking them with CDO Sweet Ham. In your next family salu-salo, try dressing up and enjoying the meal you prepared as a family. We are sure this will be a great way to enjoy your weekend with non stop discussions and laughters.

Family Movie Night

There’s nothing that says more fun than a family movie night. Let’s face it, sitting down or even lying down on a couch watching your favorite movie (or movies) is very inviting. And with the closure of cinemas nationwide, there has been a surge of family-friendly movies available for the entire family to enjoy. And of course, nothing says movie night than snacks! Why not complete your movie night with some popcorn, Monte Cristo sandwiches made from CDO Sweet Ham, and drinks. For sure, the family will enjoy the movie night while munching on delicious snacks!

Have a Barbecue Pool Party

Nothing bonds a family together more than enjoying your time in the sun and eating together. What better way to enjoy the summer and your time with the family than by grilling food by a pool side. You don’t even need to have an actual pool. You can get an inflatable pool and fill it with water. Cool down in the water and have some ice cold refreshments like halo-halo or ice cream. And on the side, set up a small griller and start grilling away with some snacks like ham and pineapple skewers. Just simply weave CDO Sweet Ham on a stick, alternating with pineapples and bell peppers. Brush with barbecue sauce and grill for 5 to 10 minutes until slightly caramelized. Serve and enjoy!

Board Game Night

Many kids are so into video games these days. But if you are looking for a way to get them off their screens and start bonding with the family, one way is to start playing board games. With board games, you can engage kids in conversation and would allow them to interact socially with everyone in the family which is an important life skill as they grow up. You can go with classic games like Scrabble and Monopoly which can also teach them some skills like vocabulary and how to handle money or go with some more advanced board games like Settlers of Catan which can enhance their strategy and critical thinking. And what are board games without snacks. How about preparing some chips and clubhouse sandwiches made from the meaty and delicious CDO Sweet Ham. Another weekend bonding idea for the whole fam!

Family Exercise Time

Keeping fit and healthy should be at the top of your priorities with your family. And what better way to do this than to incorporate exercise and have a bit of fun while you’re at it. We suggest dance exercises to keep the kids and yourself motivated. Play some music and start doing some dance routines and you’ll be well on your way. Need a guide? No problem. There are two ways to do this. Some gaming consoles allow you to play games through dancing along on the screen and try to hit as many moves as possible. But if you don’t have a gaming console, there is always YouTube. All you need to do is load up a dance video (or one from a video game) and try to follow along. This is a good way to bond and have fun in the morning. Try to challenge each other who can follow along the best. Maybe even record yourself on a phone and view it later. This is a great morning routine you can do just before you have a great breakfast of hamsilog made from CDO Sweet Ham. Your meals are definitely going to be tastier than ever after a good workout.

The Perfect Companion

There are many more ideas that you can think of this summer to spend a sweet weekend with your family. And the perfect companion is CDO Sweet Ham. With it, there are endless possibilities for the kinds of meals you can create. CDO Sweet Ham is perfect for creating snacks like sandwiches and wraps. Its meaty taste works well with any dish that goes together with its sweet-salty flavors and will make your family weekend mealtimes extra special. You can also grill the CDO Sweet Ham or add it as toppings to meals like pasta and baked goods. Delicious home-style meals are made easy with the CDO Sweet Ham. So grab CDO Sweet Ham at your nearest grocery store or shop online at your favorite shopping site like Shopee or Lazada and enjoy it with your family!