5 Things You Should do Post-Plastic Surgery

With all the latest technology, plastic surgery has become less invasive than before. However, just like major ones, a simple procedure also requires ample time for recovery. Aftercare is as important as before and during surgery as it will help you get the best results that you want in a relatively shorter time with no mishaps.


To help you experience a more comfortable healing period and the best results post-surgery, we’ve gathered these after-care tips that any patient should follow.


Follow your doctor’s post-operative instructions

Your doctor will give you comprehensive directions right after your surgery that will help you during your healing period. Be sure to follow the instructions for a healthy recovery.


Let your wounds heal naturally

It might be tempting to pick at your peeling skin or scabs in an effort to speed recovery but trust us, it won’t do you good. After a breast augmentation, a patient may experience scabbing but it’s better to leave it as it is to avoid permanent scarring.


Minimize sun exposure

Excessive sun exposure may lead to damage to your skin or scar tissue. Post-op, you might be required to wear appropriate clothing to protect you against harmful UV rays. Remember that sweating isn’t good for your scars too.


Keep yourself hydrated

Whether a minor or major procedure, it’s important to drink six to eight glasses a day to replenish the body fluids lost during your surgery.


Have a support system

Surgeries require you to rest post op so it’s important to have someone that will take care of you during your first few days of healing period. For example, your surgeon will prescribe you to elevate your arms after a hand plastic surgery. With that, you need someone to provide for your needs while taking a rest.


Be patient and remember to follow the instructions of your surgeon before, during, and after your cosmetic procedure. To make sure you’re in good hands, book your next plastic surgery to Dr. Manuel Gigena, a Double-Board Certified, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon based in McMinnville, Oregon. Visit his official website at mgplasticsurgery.com  to know what he can offer.