5 Ways the IPL has Benefited Indian Cricket

Back in 2008, when the Indian Premier League made its first appearance on the screens, there is no denying that every cricket fan was super excited. However, did anyone ever expect that it would become such a big sports phenomenon in the country within a few years? 

Certainly not! 

The IPL has changed the face of sports in general, and cricket in particular, and the fans are definitely not complaining. So, on that note, let’s take a closer look today at how the IPL has benefitted Indian cricket. 

1. The Entertainment Factor of the Money-spinner 

As per the best betting sites, thanks to IPL, T20 no longer has to struggle for identity. In fact, it has become the center of cricketing entertainment. Right from Bollywood stars to cheerleaders, the tournament has turned T20 cricket into something more marketable. The world has started paying more attention to cricket now. 

The fact that their domestic T20 matches are the money spinners is the reason why countries around the world have come up with tournaments like the Caribbean Premier League and Australian Big Bash. The authorities get to generate the television rights from selling the product, particularly since the elite international stars take part in the tournament. It has helped the boards fill their coffers. 

2. IPL has Improved the Success Rate of Team India 

Apart from establishing a multibillion-dollar brand and offering international exposure to Indian cricketers, the Indian Premier League has made Team India stronger and better at their game, with fewer losses and more wins in every format of cricket. 

For instance, the team had won 193 out of the 400 one-day international games played in 1996 – 2007. During this time, the success rate of the team stayed around 48 percent. In the twelve years since the launch of the tournament, the team has won 193 ODI matches out of the 360 they played. The success rate has gone up to 62 percent. 

In the twelve years before IPL, the success rate had crossed 50 percent in just six years. However, the success rate has never dropped below 50 percent in the post-IPL era. A lot of the credit for this goes to the IPL current score

3. Remarkable improvement in batting performance 

Going by the IPL current score, it is clear that cricket is in a constant state of evolution in terms of the batting performance. Though the improvement in batting performance cannot be credited completely to the IPL, it has a role to play in it. IPL has trained the batsmen to always be in an attacking mode, regardless of the situation.  

In all the Cricket World Cups that have followed since the start of the IPL, it became quite evident how fearless and dominant the batsmen have turned into. Team India has been racking up the runs like anything, with new batsmen performing as fantastically as the experienced ones. If you look back at the years before the IPL, it was nearly unthinkable that a team can score 400 on a regular basis. 

From Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, to Subhman Gill, the performance of every cricketer has shown remarkable improvement since they started playing in the tournament. 

4. Good news for the coaches of the IPL teams 

Thanks to the financial incentive, the tournament has provided a safe cushion for the coaches. Coaching any international team is a difficult job. Continuous pressure to deliver good results and staying away from your home for a long time can take a serious toll on their personal wellbeing. However, the IPL has provided a luxury of choice to the coaches. 

The ones who are not interested in an international job anymore only have to work for about two months in a year to earn enough for themselves. They can spend the rest of their time at home and take care of other responsibilities that they need to cater to. 

5. An opportunity for the youngsters to learn from the best 

The best betting sites have been noticing that more wagers are being placed for the youngsters at present than it was ever before. There is no denying the fact that the tournament has been offering a wonderful opportunity for the younger group of cricketers to learn from the best in the world.  

They get to be in the same team as the finest cricket stars, learn from the best coaches, and play against the most seasoned opponents. The experience that they get to gather right at the start of their career plays an important role in taking them forward. It also gives them a better chance to feature in the international matches that follow the IPL. 

So, as you can see, IPL has already done a lot to improve the conditions of Indian cricket, and it will continue to aid the game in the years to come.