How to choose the best Mortuary Cots or Stretchers?

The morgue is usually a separate chamber in most laboratories. An autopsy can help family members figure out why their loved one died. A pathologist is usually the one who does this. A medical examiner may be called in to do an autopsy if there is a dubious death or suspicion of foul play. Morgues have the appearance of a filthy toilet bowl. The transient traffic of decomposing bodies, combined with potentially toxic chemicals, a lack of sufficient ventilation, and cramped quarters, can result in filthy circumstances.  Among all other mortuary equipment, Cots and stretcher have their significance. Here are a few pointers on how to select this important equipment correctly.

Tips on Choosing the Best Mortuary Cots

It’s critical to have the right tools to handle all calls if you intend to launch a body transportation service. The last thing you want is to get your first call of the day and discover that you are unprepared and lack all of the necessary equipment to do the job. The mortuary cot and Morgue Stretcher Pad are among the most crucial. It can be used for a variety of applications and is normally operated by a single person. Therefore, you must obtain a mortuary cot that meets your needs in terms of functionality and weight capacities for any and all service calls you are assigned.

Make sure it can handle the body’s weight and size

The corpse may be placed in a cremation box that varies in breadth. So, when you’re shopping for a cot, be sure it’s big enough to handle the task. It is also critical that the cot be robust enough to support a variety of weights. Not all cots are designed to support heavy loads. Because bodies are frequently placed on these beds for transportation, changing, and other reasons. As a result, it’s critical to choose the right type of mortuary cot, one that can support the appropriate weight for the services you want to promote. As well as regular mortuary beds, oversized or Bariatric removal cots are offered. It’s a good idea to keep a conventional one-man mortuary cot in your truck, as well as an enormous mortuary cot. You’ll be able to handle almost any call this way. It’s crucial to measure the breadth of your interior to see if both cots can fit side by side.

  • Make sure it has the required accessories

When purchasing a mortuary cot for your business, make sure you don’t forget about the accessories. It is critical to select cots that include all of the qualities. Check to see if it includes a pad and securement straps, for example. Check to see if there are any extras like cot coverings or zipper pouches. In this manner, your equipment will be more professional, and you will be able to perform a more dignified service, which is especially important while retrieving a body in front of the deceased’s loved ones.

  • Make sure it is adjustable and not fixed

Obviously not. Taking the corpse from a lower or higher position on your cot will not aid you. Transferring a corpse to a cot with a defined height makes it more difficult. As a result, having a multi-level mortuary cot is always a good idea. Before making a call, make sure your cot is operational and running properly. Check for any loose bolts or missing steel pins on both ends, oil the track below for smoother operations, and adjust the heights on both ends. Before moving the mortuary cot to the vehicle to load it, make sure it is hoisted to its highest position once the body has been transported and secured to it.

  • Make sure it has the right wheels

For a variety of reasons, the mortuary cot is one of the most critical items you’ll require. The cot can be used to keep leftovers in a roll-in cooler. A body can be readily transferred from one location within a facility to another, or a cot can be quickly loaded into a vehicle for transportation. A mortuary cot is useful for a variety of purposes. When buying a cot for the morgue, make sure it has the type of wheels you’ll need on your typical terrain. There are all-terrain wheels and regular wheels, for example. Although most wheels swivel, not all of them have foot brakes. Make sure your cot has both swivel and foot brakes. This will prevent the cot from rolling.

Make sure it has Cot Pouches for better performance

For covering the mortuary cot, you can check out cot bags or covers. These pouches can assist you in a variety of ways. They give the otherwise naked or plain funerary cots an appropriate appearance. Furthermore, many of these cot pouches are water-resistant. As a result, they perform a critical function in preventing moisture from entering the cot, which is vital when a body is laid on it for sanitary reasons. It’s usually a good idea to keep fluids from collecting on and around your cot’s surface. It also provides your service with a more polished appearance. You can also have your company’s name embroidered on the fabric.

Make sure it is durable

When buying a stretcher or cot for the morgue, you want to be sure that it lasts for a long time. However, determining whether or not your recent purchase will last a long time is difficult. You need to check the materials that they’re constructed of, how well-built they are, and what their load capacities are. What is the weight of the stretchers?

Steel mortuary stretchers often endure longer, but the negative part is that they are considerably heavier than the aluminum alloy materials used in many mortuary cots today. The manner these stretchers are constructed also contributes to their ability to last a long time.


Whether it’s a transport service, a funeral home, a hospital, or a morgue, these stretchers, and mortuary cots are one of the most vital components to include. They can be useful for keeping corpses safe when they need to be stored. They can also be used to keep corpses safe while they are being dressed or performing other chores. In short, mortuary cots can assist mortuary professionals with a variety of tasks that are an important aspect of their work. Scigen’s Neutralex Starter Pack is the first Formalin Waste Neutralization Technology that is both certified and environmentally friendly. Multiple formalin disposal products are included in their Neutralex Starter Pack. Please contact us for more information.