6 Applications Of Inflatable Seals

Inflatable seals are a form of seals that are made of a special kind of rubber that has expansion and contraction on the basis of the source of inflation it is placed inside. It is inflated or deflated in order to accommodate to the various gaps that are there in the source it is placed inside. Whenever there is an application of internal force in the insides of the seal, the seal gets filled up from inside in order to accommodate to the internal rough as well as bumpy surface as well as providing it considerable amount of moisturized and damp surface. There is a certain way of manufacturing of this product which requires a sense of specialization. It is a flexible way of manufacturing the product as it requires specialization of manufacturers in producing. Since it is a flexible form of rubber it can be formed and reshaped in any manner and form. This is done in order to fill the gaps and make the area airtight inside which it is kept in.

The inflatable seal can easily be reshaped in the form of a flat configuration. It can also be moulded in concave apart from flat configuration as well.  After the placement of the medium in the middle of seal and a force, expansion of seal takes place and it takes a round shape in order to form a hurdle in between of a mounting area and striking area. It is manufactured in a unique way in such a manner that it comes back to its original form after the removal of the main medium if inflation. This provides flexibility to the technician in handling the seal and the object with comfort and ease.

There are plenty of manufacturers of inflatable seals in the country but there are certain manufacturers that hold the monopoly in this area of business. One can avail these seals from any of the manufacturers in the country. Different variety of elastomers are placed and mixed in combination for the purpose of manufacturing these inflatable seals. There is a common usage of the following materials for the purpose of manufacturing these seals. There materials can be enlisted for example EPDM, Viton and silicone. The other materials such as nylon, Nomex, Kevlar, Dacron are some of the fabrics that can be used for the purpose of reinforcement of the seal.

This seal has the benefit of getting utilized in multiple industries such as electronic, environmental and military for the assistance of following applications: –

  • It gets squeezed and provides assistance in the movement of various materials.
  • It helps in the production of mechanical holding force.
  • Stoppage of any equipment without causing any damage to it
  • Pushing the objects with any percentage of force
  • Sealing off one environment and making alien the other environment 
  • It also helps in gripping, holding and lifting the objects along with the capability of retraction of the seal out of the way when it is deflated.

From the above points it is clear that there are various applications of inflatable seals. There are many inflatable seals manufacturers that one can avail seals from when in dire need.