6 Different Shaker Cabinet Options

Lily Ann Cabinets– white shaker

Lily Ann Cabinets– Colorado White Shaker

Who doesn’t love a kitchen full of sleek and modern kitchen cabinets? Shaker cabinets come in all different shapes, sizes and colors, and sometimes it may be hard to choose between them all. Picking the right color and look of your shaker cabinets can make or break your kitchen design. Therefore, below are 6 different colors and types of shaker cabinets, along with ways to make yours stand out from the rest!


Classic White

Lily Ann Cabinets– Summet Shaker White

Lily Ann Cabinets– Summit Shaker White 

The classic white shaker cabinet is a must if you want a minimalist, sleek look in your kitchen. With minimal lines and the bright white color, the design options are endless for the rest of the kitchen. Pair them with any material of hardware, dark or light countertops and backsplash, and any style of appliances. White shaker cabinets allow you to create the kitchen of your dreams without breaking the bank!


Cinnamon Shaker

Lily Ann Cabinets– Cinnamon Shaker

Lily Ann Cabinets– Cinnamon Shaker 

If you’re looking for shaker cabinets that are not seen as often in kitchens, these cinnamon-colored shaker cabinets are an amazing choice! With their beautiful brownish-orange color, these cabinets would look great paired with gold hardware. If the color is a bit too overpowering, you could add either uppers, lowers, or an island that has shaker cabinets of a different color to make your kitchen look even more stylish!


Grey Shaker

Lily Ann Cabinets– Grey Shaker Elite

Lily Ann Cabinets– Grey Shaker Elite 

Not looking for a bright and white kitchen? Grey shaker cabinets are an amazing choice for when white cabinets are too bright, and colored cabinets won’t match the aesthetic of the rest of the space. They are a great in-between choice that matches any materials and hardware, therefore you can put your own personal style in the kitchen still. Not only that, but they won’t show dust or dirt nearly as much as white cabinets will.


Brown Shaker

Lily Ann Cabinets– Espresso Shaker

Lily Ann Cabinets– Espresso Shaker 

Looking for cabinets that are a perfect mix between traditional and modern? These brown shaker cabinets have the sleek, modern style of shaker cabinets but in a traditional color. If you want them to look even more traditional, adding decorative spindles and more glass front cabinets will do exactly the job. Another great way for your kitchen’s style to be either more traditional or more modern is to choose the right countertop and backsplash. Like above, a backsplash that incorporates more tans and browns will come off as more traditional, while greys, whites, and black are colors you can incorporate in order to make the space look more modern.

Mix & Match

Mix and Match Cabinetry

Lily Ann Cabinets– Summit White Shaker 

One way to spice up the look of your shaker cabinets is to add another color of shaker cabinet that will go along well together. Usually this is done with any color of shaker cabinet, then with the addition of white, grey, or black cabinets, or a cabinet with a natural wood look to compliment them. An easy way to do this is just by simply making the island cabinetry a different color, or just a small section of the kitchen! 

Different Sizes

Different Size Cabinetry

Lily Ann Cabinets– White Shaker Elite 

Another way to spice up the look of shaker cabinets is by incorporating all sizes and types of cabinetry. It allows for more differentiation in the space, rather than just having an entire kitchen filled with only one size of cabinet. You are able to choose from different sized drawers, large cabinetry that could suffice as a small pantry, square cabinets, rectangular cabinets, and more. By including all these different sized cabinets, the kitchen will look more put together, stylish, and overall just an amazing kitchen!