6 New Baby + Toddler Toys

Kidding around toys has been one of my favorite toy shop. Visiting Kidding Around is always inspiring and rewarding as I often find fresh and exciting toys to share with all of you in the hopes that you and your kids will love them as much as I do.

Check out Six new toys that I found on my last tour and read about why I love them below. You can purchase the toys.

1) This wooden safari toy set comes with 8 wooden toys and a pretty decorative shelf for display. This toy is what we call open-ended meaning that there is not just one method to play. The animals can be stacked to support coordination. You can use them to teach toys names and sounds as well as encourage pretend play. When your children are done playing, teach them to clean up by helping place each toys in their correct spots. These toys can also be used together with other pretend play toys to enhance imagination.


2) This sensory toys comes with 6 cardboard boxes that you can incorporate into play to make learning to stack even more fun. Play peek a boo with the stack, nest, explore, and just have enjoy. This toy is great for encouraging speech and communication skill as you use language such as on top, inside, below, etc. as you play.


3) This wooden stacking and building game will develop with your child. The idea is to replicate the picture cards using the different size and shape wooden block. Some of the challenges are easy and others need more problem solving. This toy is great for increasing visual spatial skills  and independent play.


4) This zippeeAction Toy caught my eye right away. The idea is to pull the textured elastic cords back and forth through the holes. Zippee makes a enjoy fidget toy for any age.

5) Dimpl Stack is a fun twist on the other Dimpl toys by Fat Brain Toys. Here kids work on stacking and nesting with the extra fun of being able to pop the top of the cups back and forth. Super fun!


6) Caterpillar Bath Beads can offer hours of entertainment. The pieces can be attached in either way and are interchangeable. Great for bath time. Pushing the beads and pulling them apart builds bilateral direction.