6 reason why your trade show didn’t work the way you expected

Your trade show didn’t work the way you expected? Trade exhibitions are very effective when it comes to marketing your product. It is a competitive platform attended by hundreds of customers from different parts of the town. It’s important to have a successful show because if you don’t do well, all your hard work will go wasted. We have listed out 10 reasons why your last show did not generate the results you expected and also tips to make it right in the next event.

Choosing the wrong trade show

the best way to know if you are participating in the right trade show is to find out where your competitors are exhibiting. A lot of exhibitions take place every year in different locations and as an exhibitor, you must know the kind of audiences attending these shows. While in the show if you see a couple of companies selling products like yours, you are at the right exhibition.

Having a poor-looking display

an unattractive trade booth can lower down your reputation in a trade exhibition. A trade display is the face of a company, the more unique it looks the more customers it can attract. Invest in a creative Trade show booth design New York or customized stand to get great results in the show. Spending money on a poor-looking stand will not give you the results you are expecting.

Hiring Inattentive staff

make sure the staff at your trade show stand is highly professional as well as engaging. Your stand should look professional with well-trained staff and organized surroundings. If the people at your stand are not qualified and are unable to impress clients, your exhibition is bound to fail.  The staff should have complete information about the brand to be able to handle customer’s queries.

Not using social media
as a business owner, you must know how important social media is in promoting events online. A lot of people will know about the exhibition through your social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Integra, etc. Make sure the audience stops by your booth to discuss the product they discover through online promotion.

Not having enough stock of giveaways

Always stock up on extra materials that you would like to giveaway to the attendees. Get an estimated idea of footfall in the event from organizers to keep extra stock of brochures, catalogs, souvenirs, and feedback forms. If your trade show booth rental in Los Angeles is spacious, you can engage a large number of attendees to offer giveaways.

Not following up

you have generated a customer database from the event. What if you are not able to follow up with the clients? What a waste of money and time. Post exhibition if you don’t follow up with the client, you might lose on some significant customers. It is important to follow up with the leads to make sure your participation is effective.

Trade shows are a great opportunity to find potential customers and indulge in crucial business. One little mistake and you will end up losing on to some important clients. Keep the above reasons in mind and prepare effectively for your next show.