6 Summer Home Styling Tips to Retouch your Place


Summer home styling is too much fun. From playing with vibrant colors to exploring new styling themes, summer decor offers many opportunities to homeowners.

If you are also planning to retouch your home decor in the summers, you can borrow a page from Kajal’s style guide. Using her color knowledge and years of personal styling experience, she has compiled a summer home styling list for you. In addition to this, let’s discuss a few ideas to summer-ready your places.

Summer Home Styling Checklist 

Do you know the average person spends approximately $269 on decorations each year in the US? Well, if you are spending that much money on decorating your house, it’s good to do it in the right way. That’s why do follow these tested and tried summer home decor tips:

Colorful Outdoors

Summers give you a perfect opportunity to get out and spend some quality time with your family. You can lounge around your pool, rest in a gazebo or have a picnic with your family and friends. There are so many different outdoor activities that you can do in summers. 

That’s why start decorating your outdoor place with colorful pillows, throw cushions, or put some tea lights to enjoy chilly summer nights. The best way to design a colorful outdoor area is to connect it with your interior color palette. Try to form harmony between indoor and outdoor colors. 

For summer/spring 2021, Pantone has already created a trendy shade card including marigold, cerulean, illuminating, French blue, and many more. You can take inspiration from trendy summer colors or can contact Kajal for custom color styling services. 

Get a Summer Duvet

You can summer-ready your bedroom with a simple duvet replacement. Switch to lightweight and airy summer duvets to make your room more breathable. Colors like white, aqua blue, or light green are perfect for summer duvets. 

Handmade Accessories 

If you find handmade and macrame home decor accessories enticing, you should try them in the summers. You can take inspiration from boho style and include bright, mismatched, and elegant handmade accessories to your home—something like handcrafted wall hangings near your entrance, handwoven dining table mats, or traditional cushions. 

Put Rug in a Patio

If you have a patio-facing garden or just a small balcony in your bedroom, you can convert it into a cozy place to sip your evening tea. Simply get a sophisticated and bright rug and put it on your patio. Also, get some matching cushions, pillows, and sofa throw to brighten up your patio. 

Canopy of Lights

Do you often host BBQ parties during summers? Then, you can decorate your outdoors with a variety of lights to create a soothing environment. From hanging lamp shades to twinkling lights, you can create a canopy of lights in your backyard. All the lighting will make your place look extremely cozy that your guests won’t ever leave your house. 

Decorate your Bathroom 

Usually, parents have more free time during summers as kids are out of school or busy with summer camps, which they can utilize to pamper themselves. So, instead of visiting a spa, you can decorate your bathroom a little and pamper yourself at home. For example, get some summer scented candles, soaps, fresh flowers, new bathroom curtains, and lots of towels— and your summers are going to be spent in your bathroom. 

There are so many small home styling tips that you can follow to summer-ready your home. However, the pro tip would be selecting the perfect summer color palette — something fresh, airy, and bright. You can stop at the Kajal Styles website anytime and book professional services for easy summer home decor.

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