6 Teen Romantic And Comedy Netflix Shows That You Must Not Miss

According to a survey it has been found that teenagers use Netflix for 55% of their daily video consumption. Isn’t that surprising? If you are a teenager and confused about which show you must watch, then you have landed upon the right article. Netflix has an ample number of teen romantic and comedy Netflix shows to watch. But here are the top 5 shows that you should not miss!


1. Sex Education


Sex Education pulls off a spectacular balancing act, offering comedy, intense drama, and romance. The plot revolves around Otis the sexually repressed adolescent son of sex therapist Jean (his mom). Watch the journey of a boy who was not known in school to a boy who became a sex adviser of school.


2. The kissing booth 3


This Netflix show is about teen romance. The plot of the show revolves around two best friends, Elle and Lee, and Noah (Lee’s elder brother). At their spring carnival, they both sign-up to run a kissing booth and Elle bumps into her long-term crush which is Noah. Watch how Elle struggles between her best friend and her crush and will this hamper her friendship. As per The Next Hint’s report, the 3rd part of this movie was released on 11th August 2021 on Netflix and was fairly loved by the fans.


3. Atypical


Atypical follows 18 years old autistic teen Sam Gardner who is ready to find a girlfriend for her. But before finding a girlfriend he needs to be more independent and these things will also send his mother on her life-changing journey. This show is an amazing combination of drama and comedy elements.


4. Dash and Lily


One of the best Netflix shows which is an amazing combination of romance and comedy. The story of this show revolves around two teenagers from New York City who have never met but send each other on dares around the city during the holidays.  And this was the time when these teenagers develop mutual romantic feelings as they open up to each other by exchanging messages and dares in a notebook around a variety of locations. Doesn’t that sound exciting to watch?


5. To all the boys I have loved


Do you also love writing letters? A high school kid, Lara Jean used to write letters to all the boys whom she had feelings for but never sent the letters. But one day her sister sneaks into her, found all those letters and mailed them to all the boys!. You must watch this series to know how Lara encounters all the boys she has feelings for one by one and how her world turned upside down.


6. Summertime


Nothing is more memorable than summer love as a teen, and this Netflix Italian drama follows Summer and Ale. These two people who are having very different backgrounds (one a small-town girl and the other a famous motorcycle racer), start falling in love throughout summer on the Adriatic coast.

Being a teen is a mixture of drama and romance in your life. Watch these fascinating www netflix com tv8 shows which are full of comedy and romance. 

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