7 Advantages of Living in the Present

“The current moment is the only one we have, yet it is the gateway to all other moments.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Many of us either live in the past or dream about the future. Every day, there is constant confusion about what, when, and how, particularly concerning our future. Amid the commotion, we frequently forget to live our lives as they should be lived. These constant thoughts about the future or the past might, over time, harm our minds and have a variety of implications. One of the most significant implications is that we are constantly distracted from what is happening in the current moment. In other words, rather than directly experiencing life, we tend to experience it through our thoughts.

There are numerous advantages to living in the present moment – so many that once you begin, you will want to do it more and more.

“Living in the present moment entails letting go of the past and not looking ahead. It entails living your life deliberately, understanding that every breath you take is a gift.” 

Benefits of living in the present 

You become more concentrated:

When you are present, you are not easily distracted. You can concentrate on the present moment for extended periods, which improves your life experiences. If you want to improve your concentration and control your emotion. You can join Emotional Intelligence Training in Dubai 

You improve your effectiveness by:

Living in the present moment makes you more effective; you get more done in less time and with less effort because your thoughts and actions are in sync.

You become more imaginative:

When your mind is not roaming in a dozen directions, you will find that your finest work comes out of you, that you accomplish it in a focused manner, and that you are not thinking as much.

You meet the following objectives:

Whether it is your daily or weekly goals, you will achieve them when you are in the present moment and not drifting back into the past or future.

You improve your listening skills:

When your mind wanders, it is difficult to focus on what anyone else is saying. Being focused will help you improve your listening and problem-solving abilities, as well as make you a better leader.

You develop your social skills by doing the following:

When you’re with a group, whether it’s with friends, relatives, or on special events, being in the moment allows you to enjoy the interactions, festivities, and present moments, which could later develop into a great memory.

You become less stressed and concerned:

Thinking about the past or the future frequently heightens our anxiety and stress levels. What will occur? How will it take place? Is my performance satisfactory? I wish I could have? These are actual dampeners. All of these questions become irrelevant when you live in the NOW because your concentration is solely on ‘the’ present, allowing you to savor and enjoy the experience for what it is.

Ways to live in the present moment, in the NOW

Concentrate on your breathing – When you see your thoughts drifting, bring them back to your breath. Slowly and deeply focus on your breathing – in and out; in and out. This practice relaxes you and refocuses your attention.

Concentrate on what is right in front of you – When you see your concentration wandering, take a moment to look around you. Feel whatever is going on around you. Move your gaze across the room, in front of you. Pay attention to the sounds around you. Feel the rain or sun on your skin. Feel the breeze on your skin, then connect to the sensation in the present moment. And try to resolve your problem for example if you are handling and project and you are not able to manage all things. In this case your can Project Management Training in Dubai to make your work easier.

Mix with people who live in the present moment consciously – Be around individuals who are upbeat, who are always living in the present moment, and who make the most of it. You will gradually imitate these characteristics.

It is a wake-up call for chronic overthinkers to cease worrying about what may or may not happen. Successful people, have advanced in their careers, or have reached a pinnacle in life are people who do not let their past or present worry them.

When your mind has no room for worrying about the future or regretting the past, it becomes more relaxed and concentrated. However, you must exert mental effort to achieve this state. It’s not something that comes naturally. To do so, you must first be rooted, attentive, and focused on the moment. As a result, every time your attention wanders, it will be easier to bring it back to the present.