7 Common Reasons To Get Your iPhone Repaired

For many of us- if not most of us, cell phones are the centre of the universe. Almost everything important in our lives is tied to our phones, therefore, our world flips around if our beloved phone starts giving issues. It is even worse for iPhone users, as not only are their phones fairly expensive they are also pretty hyped. However, iPhone users are not any luckier than users of other phones.

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Recorded below are some of the common reasons why iPhone users feel the need to get their phones repaired.



  • Battery issues


Your phone is virtually pointless if you have an unpredictable battery set up. The battery issues could be identified by rapid battery draining and wearing out the moment you begin to use the phone.  The battery issues start appearing after your iPhone goes through hundred charge, discharges and recharge cycles. The best way to fix this is to buy a battery substitution, so you do not need to deal with battery issues any longer.



  • Signal issues


One of the many perks of using an iPhone is that you can have the capacity to use the web from any area. However, if your iPhone’s working framework gets defective, you will have many issues with downloading applications and other things. Therefore it is advisable to take the warnings and hints seriously before the problem becomes beyond repair.



  • Camera issues


Nearly 70% of iPhone users prefer the iPhone over other phones, because of its incredible camera. The iPhone camera captures the moments beautifully and immediately. 

That is why it pains so much if all of a sudden your iPhone starts giving contorted fluffy or detective photos. Not repairing your iPhone camera immediately can worsen the situation so much that you won’t even be able to sell your iPhone. 



  • Screen issues 


Nothing breaks the heart like getting a crack or scratch on your iPhone screen. Although the iPhone screen is designed with damage resistance substance, this does not mean the iPhone screen is indestructible.

Sometimes, we hurry so much that we don’t realize how and when our iPhone drops and when you turn on your phone a nasty crack or scratch is staring you right in the face. If your phone’s warranty is not yet finished, you should get the company to fix the screen for you. If that isn’t an option then it is prudent to ask for professional help. 



  • Damage through water


Another common issue faced by iPhone users occurs when they accidentally drop their phone into water. It could happen anywhere, be it outside in a puddle, inside in a filled sink of your kitchen or bathroom or you can even drop into a can. Irrespective of how you get water inside the phone, the aftermath of it is significantly unpleasant, to say the least.



  • Button issues


The home power button and side volumes buttons of iPhones are meticulously engineered and they are made up of good mechanical components to ensure proper functioning. However, the components are also prone to wear and tear, especially because of excessive use. The buttons can also fall apart accidentally. 

If you feel that now you have to press the buttons too hard to get them to function, it is a clear indication that your iPhone needs some repair. Even if your iPhone is out of warranty you can get the buttons replaced easily.



  • Connectors issues


Although various jacks, connectors, and ports of the iPhone keep evolving in terms of design and features, there is one thing common between all iPhones i.e. potential malfunctioning. Therefore, it is hardly uncommon if your old iPhone has begun to have connection issues.  Professional technicians can make some internal adjustments by tightening the parts that might have gotten loose over and by replacing the faulty parts to fix the issue.


It is important to remember that an iPhone like other phones is after all the electrical appliances that require time to time service and repair. Since our life depends on our phone or iPhones so much, we need to take good care of them.