7 Leading Men’s Fashion Power Houses


Originality, value, craftsmanship, and perhaps sustainability. These are the qualities associated with the leading menswear brands. Every man long to have some big designer brands in his wardrobe to be used as statement pieces.

From American made men’s clothing to the international fashion line, these are top menswear brands that embody a modern idea of quality. Some of these brands you might have heard of before while others may be new. Nevertheless, they share a common goal, i.e., “make you look good.” Let’s check the names and learn how they have evolved!

1: Timberland

Timberland is a popular American lifestyle brand with a strong focus on eco-friendly production and purposeful designs. This retailer’s focus is outdoor wear, mainly footwear, but it also sells clothes, watches, glasses, sunglasses, and leather goods.

This rugged outdoor brand has positioned itself to cope with extreme weather conditions. It’s a brand for guys who like to hike in the woods. However, Timberland has been able to strike a balance between freshness and consistency. Celebrities like Pharrell Williams and Shaquille O’Neal prefer wearing a customized pair of Timbs.

2: Bills Khakis

Promising the best fitting khaki pants, Bills Khakis takes pride in being the American made fashion brand. From fabric, designing, to cutting and sewing, everything is done in US factories.

Bills M2 is one of their best cuts in khakis. They sit comfortably at the waist and feature a straight leg for easy wearing. The classic fit of this model appeals to most men who would like traditional fitting pants.

Did you know Bill Thomas started bills Khaki after an army-issued pair of khakis inspired him during World War Two? He took the idea and made better quality pants, which has now turned into an entire clothing line.

3: Fila

Fila, home to sportswear, tennis gear, sneakers, and more, launched an affordable design in 2018 appealing to both sexes, which was taken to the high street as well!

The core market of the brand had been tennis players for a long time. It all started 100 years ago, a small beginning from a northern Italian town and now a sports lifestyle brand known worldwide, making Fila a union of sports and street. Apart from shoes, the fashion brand has a collection of sports tops, sweatshirts, and performance jackets that can be worn on the court, at the gym, and on the streets.

4: Nike

Nike is good at many things, and shoes and sports gear are at the top. The brand didn’t reach the sports world’s pinnacle for its shoes or product line, but because of its brilliant branding. Some of the biggest names are associated with Nike including Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Desk Jeter, Christion Ronaldo, Rory McIlroy, Serena Williams, and more.

When Yeezy Boost 350s were released in 2015, they gave rise to a new sneaker design era. Nike has been able to impact popular culture as well as the business world.

5: Stella McCartney

The leader of sustainable fashion, Stella McCartney, has a celebrated womenswear line. Shirts, trousers, jackets, and accessories, her seasonless collection is both directional and wearable.

The designer has an insatiable appetite for new ways of doing things. Her collection features fashion-forward concept. From everyday fashion wear to utilitarian pieces, Stella McCartney menswear emphasizes modern sports flair and casual tailoring. From playful prints to bold designs, if you would like to add something unusual to your wardrobe, a Stella McCartney piece is the answer.

6: Zara

Zara was a family business that started in Spain, featuring low-priced lookalike products of high-end clothing brands. Interesting, right! The store was able to get traction among Spain customers rather quickly, and the rest was history. The secret to Zara’s success is driven by the ability to keep up with the rapidly chasing fashion trends.

As soon as new styles emerge, the brand creates new designs and puts them in-store within a week or two. Other brands take at least 6 months to bring the new collection into the market. Also, Zara is super sensitive to customer needs. Customers are a core part of their brand strategy.

If you would like a special piece from Zara, go for a versatile outwear or two. It works like magic in elevating casual looks!

7: Perry Ellis

This American designer fashion clothing brand had been a huge turning point in the fashion industry. The brand introduced new proportions and patterns to the market and transformed traditional men’s clothing. Today, it’s a global lifestyle brand changing the industry through its apparel, fragrances, and accessories that adapt to life, work, and play.

A Perry Ellis suit would be a remarkable addition to any wardrobe. The quality of material and stitching are a combination of perfection. Their machine-washable suits are perfect for a fast-paced lifestyle.

Summing Up

All the designers on our list are known for hand-crafted designs, trendy looks, and durability. Some of their clothing lines are affordable as well.

Fashion pieces from these fashion houses have the power to transform a basic wardrobe. From 5 pocket pants to classic outwear, you can turn heads wherever you go by investing in a few high-end fashion wear from these big brands.

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