7 Reasons Why Being a Business Owner Means Lengthening Your Patience

The business industry is a vast sphere where a lot of people enter to serve people, to earn a living and/or to pursue their passion. There are countless areas in this field, and wherever you go as an entrepreneur, remember that you need to be ready, prepared and diligent at all times. A long strand of patience is needed, and if you don’t have it, business is going to be a little tougher than it already is. 

Being a business owner, regardless of how your venture works, means lengthening your patience, and here are 7 reasons why. 


They say that the first step is always the hardest. And indeed, it cannot be denied. Most especially if you are a rookie in business management, most elements are unfamiliar, so you will have to learn, explore and get used to a lot of things. 

There are numerous preparations that must be done before starting up a business. In the present time, if you want to be a cut above the rest and to grab the attention of your audience from all generations, you have to stand out; and that’s obviously not easy, particularly nowadays when competitors are all around, when almost everyone is opening a business, an online business to be exact. From conceptualizing all the initial operations to executing them, just talking about them seems short and simple, but they are actually quite long and demanding. 

Of course, before you start up an actual business, you have to secure a business permit to operate, specifically if you are planning to put up a physical store. Business insurance is also necessary to protect your venture now and in the future. If it is an online shop you are about to launch, you have to prepare all the content you’re going to post. You have to set your schedules for posting, replying to inquiries, sending order forms, shipping products, providing same-day services and so on! 

All these and more tell you that you have to be patient because accomplishing all necessary business files and documents will consume your time and energy. You may also need to get in long lines and to wait for some weeks for all the preparations to get polished before you begin your business.


It’s sad, but not only in movies do people who selfishly dishearten others’ dreams exist; in real life, some people may discourage you as you begin or as you journey in the domain of business. Heartbreakingly, some of them could be from your family and friends. 

This will really test your patience as well as your perseverance amidst all the people who do not believe that your venture will succeed. It’s possible that some people will laugh at you and will tell you to just give up while you struggle up the ladder of victory, but do not let them bother you. Keep going. You have to be patient because of these kinds of people while you have to be patient because of the hindrances in the business itself along the way. 


Business owners’ initial goal is to receive the interest of their target audience towards their brand. It’s definitely a great delight when your inbox gets filled with client queries and orders. That means you are getting potential customers and/or your previous clients are coming back and staying loyal. It tastes sweet!

Regarding this, you have to be patient because literally, there will be a lot to respond to, and there are different concerns per client or potential client. What’s more, some have repetitive questions, and many keep asking questions whose answers are already publicly posted. Lots of people just don’t read shop guidelines, so asking is their key. A lot of online sellers get tired and annoyed with such buyers, thus, become rude to some people who ask, and that ruins their reputation and people’s trust towards them. 

Don’t be like them. No matter how repetitive and mountainous those messages may be, remember to be thankful and to be patient to attend to all the curiosities and clarifications of your customers and potential buyers.


Probably one of the best things about having a business is meeting a lot of people with whom you can build healthy relationships, inside and outside the business. 

Almost inevitably though, you will encounter customers with bad attitudes, people who are too demanding and impolite, especially when they are not satisfied with your work. There are people who firmly believe, in a wrong way, that the customer is always right, so they tend to disrespect sellers. 

You have to mentally and emotionally be ready for these kinds of people. They can hurt your feelings as a person and in the worst cases, can speak bad of your business in front of other people. You have to be patient yet smart as you deal with these personalities. Do not let your emotions get ahead of yourself, especially when you get angry at them too, because whatever bad attitude you pay them back will also reflect on your business but in a worse way.


Hard to comprehend, but some people work hard to destroy other people’s hard work. 

Scammers and bogus clients exist, and they are among the most head-aching problems of business owners who get victimized and who experience them. For the first one, they cause the biggest heartbreak for business owners because scammers use various methods only to rob businesses of their money and private business information. For the second one, they waste entrepreneurs’ time, money and better selling opportunities because bogus buyers pretend to be real buyers; some reserve products or avail services but disappear.

Although hopefully you never get attacked by them, you have to be extremely patient when you encounter such people. Owning a business insurance to recover losses, if any, and to secure your venture against such assaults is very important. Add to that owning patience and a strong heart which are both weighty essentials in the land of businesses. 


Business is a battle not just with yourself but also, and most apparently, with other businesses. There are countless competitors around, and you can’t blame them for existing because everyone is just working hard to make a living or to do what he/she loves. 

This will truly stretch your patience because competitors are your rivals vying for the position among the top choices for clients’ needs. Some of these competitors may personally become your friends or are already your colleagues, but business is business. You have to be patient because it’s either you go ahead of them or the other way around.

Moreover, terribly, there are competitors that use dirty tricks to bring their fellow entrepreneurs down. Hope not, but in case you become a target for whatever reason, you have to be patient but not complacent. You have to know how to rightly fight for your business whatever time of day. Owning a business insurance gives you an edge and carrying a bag of patience too!


Being a business owner, you should be hopeful of all the best possibilities, however, you should not set aside the truth that success often takes the long route. 

There are matters that will make your head, heart and wallet ache. Sometimes, you might feel knocked down because of disappointments, but if you strive harder and believe that your business can rise and triumph, you will attain what you’re sweating buckets for and crying hard for. 

There are instant wins for some, but that does not happen most of the time and not to everybody. They are rare, to be honest. That’s why you must be patient at all times. If you’re ready to reach success, get ready to face the journey that lies before its throne.



Definitely, joining the business industry as an entrepreneur is not for the weak. Tons of obstacles are to be expected, but a lot of them are still unexpected and unpredictable. 

If you are a business owner now or soon to be one, know that a pleasant personality will be one of the essentials that help you get through it all despite the trials. While you must remain wise, you have to be tough, understanding and patient because the world of businesses is a complex zone. 



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Insurance Advisernet, a quality business insurance provider and adviser in Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.