7 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Gas Chimney

Preparing food involves a lot of smoke, particularly when cooking Indian delicacies, where the amount of spices and frying is a little too much; it can get pretty greasy and sticky. Even though the mesmerizing sound of spluttering Indian tadka offers an enchanting aroma and taste, it does register its presence on your kitchen ceiling and tiles. And this is where a gas chimney steps in as a kitchen appliance that consumes all of the smoke and makes your kitchen free from odour, oil, and smoke. 

Furthermore, a modern Elica chimney compliments the style of your modular kitchen. Let’s take a look at the various factors that you need to consider before buying the correct gas chimney suitable for your home:

Correct gas chimney size 

Select a gas chimney based on the size of your kitchen and stove. The gas chimney dimensions should be a little bigger than the size of your gas stove so that it can efficiently absorb the smoke while cooking. Most gas chimney models are available in two standard dimensions: 60 cm and 90 cm. If you are using a two-burner stove, then a 60 cm-wide gas chimney will be an ideal option for you. On the other hand, opt for a 90 cm-wide gas chimney if using a three burner stove. 

Mounting style 

You can choose from three types of mounting styles depending on the structure of your kitchen and the availability of free space: 

  • Island gas chimney
  • Wall-mounted gas chimney
  • Built-in gas chimney

As the name indicates, wall-mounted gas chimneys are mounted on the wall and are an excellent option for kitchens where the gas stove is placed against a wall. An island gas chimney is suitable for ultra-modern homes where the gas stove is placed in the middle of the kitchen. Finally, the third type of gas chimney is a built-in chimney that will be compact and installed on the kitchen wall, blended within the woodwork of the kitchen. 

Ducting type 

It will be your personal choice whether you wish to go for a ductless or ducted chimney. But for Indian kitchens, where cooking the meals are an oil-intensive process, ducted hoods will work better. 

Chimney filter type

Filters of gas chimneys are used at different stages of air handling and are majorly classified into three categories, namely 

  • Cassette filter 
  • Carbon filter 
  • Baffle filter 

Most gas chimney manufacturers acknowledge that baffle filters are the most suitable option for the Indian cooking style.

Regular gas chimney VS Auto-clean gas chimney

Auto clean gas chimneys are good oil collectors and an excellent option for the Indian cooking style. The Auto clean gas chimneys are slightly costlier than regular gas chimneys, but they are easier to clean and more durable.

Suction capacity

The suction capacity requirement of a gas chimney should be based entirely on how frequently you cook and your unique cooking style. The suction capacity of a gas chimney varies from 400 m3/hr to 1,600 m3/hr. 

  • 700m3/hr- Healthy, low-oil cooking
  • 1,000 m3/hr- Medium oil cooking
  • 1,200 m3/hr and above- Deep-fried cooking

Maintenance and post-sales service 

Always opt for Elica chimney or chimney models from other reputed brands that offer free installation and good post-sales service in your area.

Whatever gas chimney you are searching online or in a local shop, it must essentially fit in your kitchen, have adequate suction power, and have efficient gas chimney filters. With the help of the above gas chimney guide, you can pick the correct Elica chimney suitable for your kitchen and turn your cooking into a pleasant experience.

The Smart way of purchasing your gas chimney

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