7 Tips to Get Rid Of Dark Circles through Face Yoga

There is no doubt that yoga is always good for total health and well-being, like a morning walk. There are different kinds of yoga exercises for different problems. At present we have a lot of yoga exercises that you can perform at home very easily. This post has contains some effective Face Yoga to Reduce Dark Circles, and that will helps you keep your face wrinkle-free with no dark circles.

Lion Posture Yoga

This facial yoga is part of a series of exercises that help get rid of dark circles in the relaxed and healthiest way. In order to practice this yoga, just sit on your knees. After that trying to follow the child’s crawling position. When you attain this position, inhaling deeply, stretch your back, and drives towards up the most. On the other hand, you should also keep your mouth in a lion roaring manner. Now gradually, come down keeping your body in the crawling position and also exhaling the air out. Repeat this exercise at least 4 to 5 times.

Sarvangasana Posture

To perform this just lie down with your back by keeping your hands straight and stretched above the head level. After that raise your legs together and try to put your hands below your buttocks. Now you need to raise your body with legs in a 90-degree position to the floor. Your neck should support the whole body and stand on it. Stay in this position approx. 2 to 3 minutes until your breath comes normally. If you have extra time then you can try this yoga for eyes dark circles for 5 minutes.

Parvatasana Posture

You have another yoga exercise for removing dark circles under the eyes in the same series of facial yoga exercises. While doing this your hands, as well as your feet, stay on the ground. And the middle part of the body is raised to the maximum level in order to attain a mountain-like position. Simultaneously you should keep on trying the heels on the ground. Attain this position for at least 3 minutes. You need to make sure that your berating level is normal while performing these exercises.

Shavasana Posture

This is the ending yoga position in order to relax our whole body from workouts. You should end your yoga performance session with this Shavasana pose only. This helps to make your breath in the normal levels. Now Keep your eyes closed and make your mind and soul relax. Composed all your impressions lying down on this position for about 10 minutes. You can get maximum benefits from it if you practice properly and regularly. This Face Yoga Exercise for dark circles and puffy eyes will slowly cure the problems in few days and simultaneously your skin around the skin would be brighter and glowing. This yoga has the ability to makes your entire face lighten with a glow.

Sambhavi Mudra Posture

While doing this exercise you need to sit in your comfortable position by keeping your head, spine, and neck straight. After that place, your hands in the knees and relax. Now you need to keep your eyes close and take a normal breath and your shoulder should be straight. After 2 to 3 minutes, open your eyes and try to focus your vision on the eyebrows. It is very important to keep your both eyes focused on the eyebrows without any disturbance. Hold this position as long as you are comfortable with it. It is up to you to slowly come out of the position and relax if you find some difficulties. This face yoga exercise for the eyes to remove dark circles is very useful in keeping your eyes healthy without dark circles.

Moving Your Vision Keeping Head Still

Just sit in a straight position by keeping your back straight and hands rested on your knees. After that take your vision completely on the right side without moving your head. Now try to concentrate on the area on your right on any one object. After 2 minutes, keep your vision straight. Repeat the same with the left eye. After doing this take your original position. You can practice this yoga exercise for a black circle under your eyes, in your free time.

Trataka Yoga for Dark Circles

You need a candle to perform this exercise. Take a candle and place it two feet away from you. Now light it and keep your concentration on the flame without disturbing yourself. For better results, you need to hold your focus on the flame as long as possible without blinking. You can also start counting numbers to keep track of how long you hold yourself. Longer concentration will give better benefits. This facial yoga exercise to remove dark circles is the best for the health of the eyes to keep them away from dark circles.

Wrapping up

Both water and facial exercises are essential for glowing skin. Facial exercise can improve blood circulation in facial muscles. If you want to remove the dark circles around your eyes, then the above exercise is for you that will give you a better result. To know more about Face Yoga Exercise, keep in touch with us. Happy searching!