8 Areas Of SEO To Focus On To Make Your Video Reach A Wider Audience!

PPC is a huge aspect of SEO. Any PPC Agency in Delhi or other cities can help. This is an important step in spreading your video. A video should be optimized in such a manner that it stands out on the pages of the search results. The job doesn’t end with creating an amazing video. Many great videos lose the SEO game and fail to garner attention.

Dominate the SEO Game

Here are eight simple areas which can boost your video’s visibility:

  • Choosing the Correct Platform

All of this is based on a simple question. It would be best if you answered what you aim to accomplish at the end.

If you want to reach people and create awareness, video-sharing sites like Vimeo or YouTube are perfect places to start. If you’re focused on gathering leads and increasing site traffic, other platforms should be considered.

  • Choosing the Correct Keywords

Keywords bring videos up in searches. Keywords should always be chosen after a lot of consideration.

A lot of online systems help in narrowing down keywords in case you encounter difficulties. They can pick out the aptest keywords for your video.

  • Letting the Keywords Work

It is time to observe the magic of keywords. All of those that you chose must be carefully inserted in various parts of the video. These parts include the title, description, name of the file, and the tags that go along with videos. Carefully places keywords can do wonders for your video.

  • Creating the Correct Thumbnail

The little image that represents your video should be eye-catchy. People scrolling through video-sharing websites sometimes click on videos based on the attractiveness of the thumbnail. Your thumbnail should be an accurate still from your video, which sums it up to the best possible extent.

  • Inserting Captions

Adding more and more text to your video’s metadata increases its visibility on search engine results. While uploading captions, it is necessary to make sure they don’t have any mistakes. Captions help people understand your video better.

  • Length of the Video

This should depend on the type of content you’re making. If you’re a brand advertising your products, keep it short and to the point. No one will sit through lengthy advertisements. If you create vlogs or tutorials, they should naturally be detailed and explanatory. Google supports such types of lengthy videos.

  • An Effective Landing Page

The landing page for your video has to be effective. It should be visually appealing. It should display information in an optimized manner. It should also have a short loading time for its objects.

  • Embedding

Multiple videos can be embedded on a landing site. Search engines only show one per page. They are choosing the better video in such a situation. An out-of-place landing page can harm your viewership.


TYC Communication is arguably the Best PPC Services in Delhi. Having your PPC taken care of improves your SEO by an advantageous margin. These details can help your video reach great heights. Creating good content is not enough these days. It would help if you employed correct SEO techniques to shine.