8 Best Android Launcher That Are Ad-Free

Do you wish to enhance your Android smartphone experience? Try using the Android launcher. The way we arrange apps or change the way of the home screen on the smartphone can get a massive revamp with launchers.

Every smartphone comes with a dedicated launcher, but some third-party launchers give a cutting-edge to the appearance of your smartphone. If you browse in the Google Play Store for Android launcher download, you can find a plethora of them. You can find both paid and free android launchers over there but, choosing the perfect one is still a tough task. In this post, we have compiled some of the best free launchers for Android that can give your smartphone a refreshing look which you can cherish. So, without any further ado, let us start the compilation.

Smart Launcher 5

The first launcher on the list is Smart Launcher 5. It is unique and perhaps the best launcher for Android. Courtesy of endless options, the app is fully customizable. Some of the app’s prominent features are,

  • The apps are sorted automatically into categories
  • It can be used with one hand
  • Theme colors can be changed automatically to match the wallpaper
  • A unique app icon style with lot many themes are available for download
  • App security feature with password
  • You can hide apps from the app grids easily

Action Launcher

The next app on the list is the Action Launcher. The app comprises features of Pixel Launcher and Android Pie. It also comes with some unique tweaks and features. Some of them include,

  • The app offers extensive features of All Pixel Launcher.
  • Quickbar- You can customize the Google search bar at the top of your screen with shortcuts and applications of your choosing
  • Quicktheme- In this feature, the theme gets adjusted according to the color of your wallpaper.
  • Covers- By tapping on this feature, an app is loaded. Swiping the cover opens a hidden folder that you have already customized.
  • Quickedit- You can get alternative icon suggestions without the need to dig into the icon packs

C1 Launcher

C1 Launcher is the simplest and the fastest android launcher available on the Google Play Store. With C1 Launcher, the home screen looks appealing and different from the rest of the launchers available. It is also one of the easiest launchers to search installed apps as you only have to scrawl a letter to find what you want. Below are some of the unique and tantalizing features of C1 Launcher,

  • You can draw a letter to search for contacts and applications
  • Launch contacts, apps, websites, and much more in no time
  • The background can be customized to enhance your experience

AIO Launcher

AIO Launcher is another simple android launcher that uses the screen space to show essential information. The app doesn’t comprise animation effects, colorful icons, and a variety of themes, but gives a complete home screen tweak to your Android smartphone. Some of the prominent features of the app include,

  • Now, you can see the system monitor on the home screen. RAM, NAND usage, and the percentage battery usage will be shown on the home screen
  • A range of indifferent themes at your disposal
  • You can change the font size and rename the apps easily
  • The search system is advanced that helps you to search for applications, contacts, files, and other information on the internet

Kiss Launcher

Kiss Launcher is a lightweight open-source Android launcher best suited for saving time and battery power. It allows users to access other functions as well, which include,

  • With the help of a smarter search, you can find everything you want
  • Pipped among the fastest android launchers
  • Optimized battery drain

Evie Launcher

The next on the list is the Evie Launcher. Three words define the Evie Launcher i.e. Simple, Free, and Fast. You can do anything and everything with the Evie Launcher like changing the icon size, hiding icon labels, adjusting rows and columns, etc.

The launcher also offers an expandable dock, and you can also hide the dock if you don’t like it. Moreover, the launcher offers a powerful search that finds the app on the phone and web as well. The launcher also supports different gestures and unread badges both in count and dot form. Instead of Google feeds, there is Evie feed that displays news and other relevant content. Other curious features of the app include,

  • Search inside all your apps at once
  • To create custom shortcuts, you just have to long-press on search results
  • App drawer and folder grid customization

Nova Launcher

It may be older than dirt, but you can never get bored with this fantastic launcher app. The app comes with a plethora of features including, an app and widget drawer, color controls, icon themes, subgrid positioning, scrollable docks, icon themes, etc Other features of the application include,

  • Customizable app drawer
  • Custom icon theme
  • Subgrid positioning courtesy the ability to snap icons and widgets in between grid cells
  • Backups can be stored in the cloud or stored locally

Total Launcher

Total Launcher is among the most customizable unique launchers. It is a fast and lite launcher tailor-made for both power and casual users. Some of the prominent features of the app include,

  • Unique 3D effects to mesmerize your experience
  • No limitations in layouts
  • Texts, images, and widgets can be fully customized
  • Different layouts for landscape and portrait mode
  • A dynamic user interface to offer

Time to wrap up: If you are looking to revamp your smartphone home screen, apps, and widgets, try any of these free launchers. The names mentioned above possess different features to give your smartphone a new modified look altogether. Try any of these best ad-free launchers for Android and share your experience in the comment section below.

Also, in case we have forgotten to mention the name of your favorite Android launcher, feel free to shoot the name in the comment section.