8 Creative Brochure Designs Cover Inspiring Ideas 

The creative design market is enormous, and there is a sea of artists making creative innovations with brochure designs. However, not all of them come over the top and in people’s eyes, as they are not popular enough. Social media is also a thoughtful way to best advertising brochure design service now, but these platforms’ size makes it virtually impossible for you to find posts that do not relate to you.

This situation is why we bring you a collection of attractive and creative brochure designs to inspire ideas for your brand.

8 creative brochure design cover ideas


1.Wejo event brochure

This booklet is a trifold brochure where the background image plays a significant role. The pages encase a story with a curvy timeline diagram. The background gives people the feeling of embarking on a relaxing road trip. The bright yellow stands out in the image full of orange and grounded shades.



2. Green photo-centric brochure

A travel brochure should try sparking interest inside a city so you can do proper research and pay a visit. The booklet attempts to keep it clear and concise, so the reader receives the crucial points and does not lose track in the cluttered text. The brochure should make it as easy as possible for the reader to read.


3. Theater creative brochure

Like books, theatre houses need a cover to attract their audience. In this situation, the designer uses informative creating marketing brochures to produce the effect. The front page contains a still image of actors and a quick title preview of the production. The interiors can include information on the storyline and personnel involved.


4. Bloomberg brochures

Bloomberg is a business reporting company, and their brochure reflects the simplicity of their business very well. The company implements its reflective color pallets of whites, greys, and greens to tell a timeline story. The font in incorporation is very simplistic and minimalistic as well.


5. Japanese minimalistic style 

Suishou’s designers had a lot of information to include, and so they went with a booklet format for this informational brochure. It would aid if you remembered to design your flyer for it to fit inside the container. It should not go the other way around, or it might become confusing. The complete information of this brochure has a consistent color palette to ensure readers do not find it confusing to absorb all the details.


6. Work in progress 

This event brochure tries experimenting with the minimalist design to announce events simplistically. This event brochure does require the presence of a lot of information as it involves the entire program. The font style, color palette, and overall appearance of this brochure give the events a vintage feel.


7. Airline brochure template

Private jets try conveying to a classy and sophisticated audience. This business brochure, with a clean and straightforward appearance, allows every text to fit right in. The minimalistic design mixes with cool colors and gives the flyer a laid-back feel. This booklet is similar to how you want to approach airplanes and jets.


8. Creative branding brochure

Hashtags are the way most social media platforms categorize their posts. These tags act like anchors, and if a user searches the specific anchor, all positions in relation will appear. Hashtags are taking over the world from a marketing and social standpoint. This brochure perfectly uses the trend to display the sophistication of their company and get a story across.