8 Strategies to Make Your Cryptography Assignment More Engaging!


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cryptography Assignment

8 Strategies to Make Engaging Cryptography Assignment

The strategies that can help students to create an engaging cryptography assignment are as follows:

  1. Add graphics: If you are a graphics lover, add some by changing the main program to operate the Enigma machine on the screen. It will help you every time you click one on the cover.
  2. Draw lots of diagrams: A single picture included in your assignment is worth a thousand words with Enigma. So, try to get a lot of images in your cryptography paper.
  3. Test your program in pieces: Test every activity of the assignment one-by-one. Do not try to run all at once as it won’t work well.
  4. Try to get into the spirit of history: To solve the challenging consequences of programming, you need to check on some previous works. It may help you the same way as many cryptographers do.
  1. Implement other parts of the Enigma machine: You can try to walk a little into the world of Enigma and try some other parts too.
  2. Simulate the actions of the Bombe decryption machine: If the assignment asks you to build a simulator, you can start with the details about how the Bombe worked and develop more of its pieces.
  3. Check your answers against the demonstration programs: Check on the website and make sure that your codes generate the same cipher-text by providing a particular rotor order, rotor setting, and plain-text string.
  4. Debug your program by seeing what values appear in the variables: Hold your eyes on what your program is doing instead of watching why isn’t it doing what you want. The various strings of this assignment will help you get enormous information related to the programming.


These are the 8 approaches to make your cryptography assignment more engaging. If you find it hard to write a paper in various ways, you can also come to our website or can download the app.

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