Headset Sport Layout Mini Mp3 Participant Enigma 4gb Mobile Mp3 Player

This Enigma MP3 individual is the replicate design of SONY tunes individual, that is regarded as probably one of the most ingenious layout. It truly is suitable for any kind of ranges of activity, especially in sports, either inside or outdoors. With its headset format and steering clear of from the monotonous cables, you can dangle it in your ears easily. With its light weight, just 35g, you are mosting likely to dismiss it. Appreciate the songs any place you desire conveniently. In addition, it’s leak-proof operate, which means you will certainly never worried concerning your sweet whenever you are performing exercise. mp3 juice

It’s got 4GB memory. As well as there are 2 tones currently obtainable in your case to pick, one certain is red along with the various other is black. it has unique layout, headset account, tiny type, adorable and stylish. The Enigma MP3 individual help MP3/WMA/AAC-LC audio format with substantial rate USB link.

The high technology design for this good modern-day sunglasses MP3 player reinforces Polaroid polarizing lens which might head over to use the crystal clear, natural view, and the excellent anti-impact performances. You can discover the earphones for being created straight onto the body of the sunglasses mp3 participant so you can head to move the earphone forward or backward and even swivel 270 degree on your comfortable suit.

It may head to protect UV, glare as well as diffused light, which may obtain you to dip the preferred sound you absolutely delight in inside the sunshine without any of the disruptions, as well as it might go to secure your eyes and also your vision. What in the world is much more, there is the functional earphone cord in finest period. It’s the HIFI stereo earphones as it is as long as eighty five decibel amount and can offer you the unlimited entertaining of audio quality sound. The integrated lithium battery can aid optimum constant playback as several as 5 hrs. What the crucial is the Encrypted location disk provides you with a various encounter. mp3 paw

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