9 Mouthwatering matcha desserts


It is hard to grow fond of greens unless it is Matcha!

Matcha is a specially grown green tea that has less caffeine than brewed coffee but offers an abundance of other benefits. Almost every day, we find people casually throwing the term ‘superfood’, however, for this vivid green tea powder, it is a title well-deserved.

Very shortly after being discovered by non-Asians, matcha has gained instant popularity and now every social media site you use shows this beautiful bring matcha powder. Since people do not seem to get enough of this powder, matcha has not only invaded your Instagram and Pinterest, it is being added to virtually every dish!

Given that, matcha offers myriads of health benefits to its consumers, cooking and baking with matcha has only brought the good.


Which type of Matcha is suitable for cooking?

Matcha comes in many different shapes and forms, some people like to brew it while others like to consume it in the form of Matcha Tea Capsules.  In terms of grading, matcha is a popular beverage in tea ceremonies and culinary grading, it is used for making amazing smoothies and meals as well. 


If you are fortunate enough to have a Japanese local market in the neighbourhood, you would find great varieties of Matcha. If there is no authentic local market near your place, you still can have access to good quality Matcha buy ordering online on Teaglobaly. However, if you are super lucky and have amazing Matcha at home, head straight to the kitchen and reward yourself by preparing these delicious matcha desserts. 



  • Matcha Panna Cotta 


If you like your Panna Cotta in a luscious Italian way, then this delicious recipe is for you. This recipe is from Millennielle and is not just delicious but also requires no effort to prepare. 

To make Matcha Panna Cotta, all you need is good quality coconut milk, some fresh and succulent fruits and of course Matcha!



  • Coconut Chia Matcha Pudding 


This yet another easy and delectable matcha dessert brought by Pastry Affair. It is great for people who have an insatiable craving for coconut and deep fondness for chia seeds. 

Unlike traditional pudding for Matcha pudding, you do not need to grind yourself in the kitchen for this dessert. Though, you do need to plan as it is incumbent to keep the matcha pudding chilled overnight.



  • Matcha Ice Cream 


Matcha ice cream elevates both the standard of matcha and ice-cream.

To make matcha ice cream, you just need to have frozen bananas coconut milk, a hint of matcha and a food processor.



  • Matcha Brownies 


These are no bake-matcha brownies, therefore they save you time and effort all the while providing you with essential nutrition. When you make these brownies, make sure to leave them overnight in a refrigerator so they are chill and fudgy before you dive and devour them. 



  • Light and Fluffy Matcha Lemon Muffins


Matcha is a whole other level of awesomeness if combined appropriately with lemon zest. The addition of lemon drizzle on these muffins makes them perfect for an afternoon tea party. 



  • Matcha Mousse Cake


Believe it or not, but you can also make mousse cake by adding matcha for colour and taste. If incorporated well with the mousse, matcha makes a beautiful and delicious matcha mousse cake. 



  • Matcha Dessert Tiramisu


Unlike the other matcha desserts, making matcha Tiramisu can be a bit complicated, however, if you follow the recipe of Nami, you would find this dessert super easy too. 

This dessert is perfect for several occasions, however, having it with your family on Christmas eve feels the most special.



  • Matcha Green Tea Molten Lava Cakes


Imagine having a lava cake that does not make you cheat on your diet. 

Matcha molten lava cake is there to satiate your cravings for lava cake without disrupting your diet plan.

The flawless flavour of matcha and white chocolate is perfectly decadent to serve your friends and partners.



  •  Matcha Truffles


Matcha truffles are a combination of dark chocolate, avocado and coconut oil. Therefore these truffles would not just turn around your mood but also make you feel healthy and fit.

These are only 9 desserts that allow you to add matcha, however, if you search for all the desserts that matcha can be incorporated in, you would be surprised to find a never-ending list. 

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