9 Tips for Processing Surveillance Data

Surveillance is a very difficult task. The painstaking efforts that go into acquiring data for surveillance should not be thrown down the drain due to any incompetence or mishandling. This valuable data must be processed carefully. In this blog, we have discussed nine tips for various stakeholders to handle data carefully. Attorneys, law enforcement officers, private investigators, or private entities must keep these tips in their minds to benefit from the gathered videos, audios, and other media files. If the data holds legal significance, then it is critical to handle the data with the utmost care so that you don’t make any mistakes during the trial.

Surveillance cameras are EVERYWHERE now; offices, homes, shopping malls, streets, etc. Home cameras can record activities going on inside a home; door cameras record events taking place in the street. Random events are recorded by smartphones, and so on.

1.      Tight deadline

Surveillance cameras have a limitation of recording footage. Once that limit is reached, the already written data is deleted or over-written, to record new footage. In case you have a strict recovery deadline, switch off the camera so that it cannot record any further. This will help you recover the required data. So, if you are given an investigation task, this approach can help you get to helpful data as you might discover and save visual evidence that can make you a hero.

2.      Confirm security system time settings

Some surveillance data is recorded with incorrect dates and times. A particular surveillance proof that is to be presented in front of the court must be verified for data and time setting. Comparing the current time and date with the DVR time and date will let you know about the time difference. In case of an incorrect setting, you can explain the discrepancy to the court.

3.      Ensure highest resolution evidence

While installing a surveillance camera, make sure to set the settings at the highest possible resolution to obtain the best output. Also, while transferring data, try to transfer from DVR directly because email or messengers can shrink or compress the image to transfer data quickly, and to utilize storage space frugally. Mobile recording should only option if there is no other option. Another tip to keep a file in the best resolution is to avoid converting it because it provides a compressed file output.

4.      Take control of the DVR and camera

Considering the critical nature of the legal case, it is important to take possession of the DVR and camera which recorded the footage. It can be a smartphone, dashcam, GoPro, or a security surveillance camera. By getting hold of this camera, you can defend your stance or claim in court. You can also use the recording device’s information to prove or disprove a certain claim. For example, the camera settings, make and model, and lens used in making a recording can be really helpful for generating a forensic report.

5.      Don’t discard any piece of data

This goes without saying. Even if the footage is too dark, and you can’t see anything, don’t discard it off thinking it is useless. Likewise, audio recordings that have too much noise or that are too loud should not be considered useless because with sophisticated tools and applications, you can refine a recording and find valuable information. You can uncover hidden details that can benefit you in your legal battle.

6.      Know the technology used in the evidence

Knowledge about technology will help you substantiate your claim in court. You can easily credit or discredit evidence by knowing the details of the technology used to record an event. You can explain why a particular piece sounds or looks like this, why were some details missed out from recording, why the recording looks different from what was actually there. Moreover, the metadata can also reveal valuable information about evidence.

7.      Utilize software to enhance evidence

Imagine you have footage that has too much noise. You can get great proof out of it by using 3D crime scene reconstruction software. This will combine the footage of the incident with measurements taken on the scene, and provide details such as the suspect’s height, distance from objects or people, car speed and direction, and so on.

8.      Give video forensic experts sufficient time

Every surveillance recording; audio, video, cellphone, etc.; requires time to get to its depth, and reveal surprising facts. To benefit from a piece of evidence to its maximum, it is important to give the forensic expert sufficient time to uncover the details of evidence, which otherwise might remain overlooked.  In this case, providing more time to the expert will help get to accurate details of the evidence. The reliability, authenticity, and significance of footage can be established with more time at hand. Experts can utilize alternative methods for improving a recording if we provide them more time.

9.      Jury friendly Evidence

You might have a very good piece of evidence. However, the jury might find it too hard to comprehend because of its quality or content. It is important to present people-friendly evidence, that does not require too much effort to comprehend and link. A PowerPoint presentation can present all the explanations along with evidence in an elaborative manner. You can put all pieces of evidence in an organized list, from the specific sections, which need to be brought in front of the audience. Sorted evidence gives a good impression, winning you support from the audience. Whereas unprofessional evidence can make your audience lose their attention.


You might have really sophisticated tools to do surveillance for you. You might have all resources and evidence that can make you a hero in the world. However, the inability to tap those resources can prevent you from achieving your desired results. With the help of these tips, you can make a great case for yourself.

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